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  1. There is a port here: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/7172 It is listed as experimental, but I have been using it since Beta 4 with no problems at all. An excellent theme!
  2. I'm not a programmer so unfortunately I don't really know how it works - but yeah, that sounds about right! 2 and 5 instead of 10, 20 etc sounds like it would be better... thanks for all your hard work I have one more request also - is it possible to have the current song and artist pop up in a tooltip when I mouseover the tray icon? Similar to Screamer. I don't like having the bubble pop up in the corner whenever a new song is played, but I do like to mouseover the icon and have an informative tooltip.
  3. Hi KSoft, thank you for this wonderful little player! I never liked Screamer Radio or any of the other alternatives I found, so I've been loading my internet radio streams into foobar2000, but I've missed being able to search for stations easily with a dedicated radio app and play them without having to hunt for a streaming URL. Icy Radio is perfect. I can confirm though the volume issue that someone reported upthread. This only seems to be a problem with some stations - on most of my stations the lowest or second lowest volume level is fine, but there are some on which the lowest level is
  4. Possibly NSFW...? Not sure. It contains a female who's scantily clad on top (well covered from waist down!).
  5. I am so glad someone else is having this problem - it started happening to me too recently, and it's really quite frustrating. I've tried reinstalling RK Launcher completely to a different folder and the problem still persists. Marking the RKLauncher.conf file as "read only" doesn't seem to help :x
  6. I am having the EXACT same problem. It just happened mysteriously one day, I installed RK Launcher to a different folder and it worked as normal for a while, then the top left thing started again. Now no matter where I install it to, it always appears on the top left and forgets all my minimize and magnification settings when I start up my computer. It's a real dealbreaker for me, which is really upsetting because I much prefer RK to Rocketdock or Objectdock!
  7. Second desktop for March... going all out with Leopard emulation.
  8. Tiger WB Platinum Graphite I love this theme!
  9. Thanks for the help! I haven't been able to find a newer theme that I like as much as this one, but I will keep looking... I've been playing around with OB customisation for a while and am fairly comfortable with the basics of it, but the menus on CRNI's bar are elements called "Advanced popup launcher" which I can't seem to find in the list of available elements. Are they from older versions of OB? Is it possible to get them in this newer version? And thanks for the tip on Samurize, I checked it out and it does pretty much what I want!
  10. Hi, I recently purchased ObjectBar and am quite happy with it so far, but I have a couple of questions: 1) See attached image: I have a strange bug where if I click on my Apple icon (I'm using Crni's SmoothStripes theme), I get a floating menu that doesn't go away. It sticks even after I've moved my mouse away from the Apple icon and floats on top of all my other windows, and even if I unload ObjectBar and start it up again, the menu reappears. The only way I've found to make it go away is if I overwrite the .obtheme file in my folder and reload it. This doesn't seem like normal behaviou
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