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  1. @cubanpete what are u smooking? vista is a mess
  2. thanks for the help. I am a newb with hand coding javascript, so this is a huge help. however, what if i load too css style sheets? Will the div's automatically pull from the mooflow css?
  3. I am trying to add the mooflow javascript (http://www.outcut.de/MooFlow/) to a standard html page. How would i go about doing this?
  4. glad you're planning on fixing those things, one other small thing is the drop shadow on the splash page is unrealistic, how could it be on all 4 sides? sorta defeats the purpose of a "shadow"
  5. the new design looks to be up, its really good but here are a few recomendations: 1. make a mouseover on the nav bars 2. change the font to something other than times new roman 3. make the sidebar be links as opposed to just text 4. link to some of the site you've designed as opposed to just images 5. the air and heat integrity design and the design for the fire department are almost identical with just a change in color, it seems a little repetitive to have them both 6. get rid of the alternative blue highlight on the portfolio page overall it is a huge improvement
  6. there will almost definetly be speed bumps and such within the next year. as far as new cases, that may wait till macworld next year.
  7. ya its so that people use itunes to manage their music
  8. why do you need an ipod touch and an iphone?
  9. ya I'm a real novice with css, so i probably wont even try messing with trying to center it, because all I'll end up doing is mess it up.
  10. i would recomend moving to wordpress or drupal. They are very flexible and make great site design very easy.
  11. I really liked the old theme also (I assume your talking about the utombox one?) but the comenting was broken for me. After someone left a comment, you could not add another. I dried redownloading it countless times with no avail. So I've moved on to this one, thanks for the help. How would i go about centering it? i'm a newbie to css and it appears that this site uses some very advanced css. thanks again
  12. Hey everyone, I just installed a new template for my site, I'm pretty happy with it, just wondering what you guys think. What can I do to improve it? http://www.mikemartinracing.com/blog
  13. laziness is not a way to build a good, profitable business btw
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