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  1. This is gold man. very good beta. Love the drag and drop in the recycle bin (very useful) Matonga`s stacks docklet v2 works like a charm to bad he didn't had time to finish it. The drag and drop png on to icons is time saving but i think will be more useful to make a folder where the icons to be saved automatically (just a sugestion) Looking forward for the final release Oh yeah, and it works very fast on my old pc using Windows XP sp1 Congrats.
  2. link broke again ... does anyone still have it? pls let me know
  3. this is very cool but i found a problem: i can`t get findexer to work with it any sugestions?
  4. you can try out the new Picasa viewer ... is smooth and free but i don`t know how many formats does it supports
  5. one more thing ... when you click on a stack you get the items to pop up and then the icon change to the one you select to be for the stack (when the option: "Show icon" is When stack is open) i wonder if you make the icon to change when you click on the stack and then the animation for the stack begins ... it`s just an option i have noticed in rest everything is fantastic ... i`m using this program for like 8 mounts and i can imagine my day without it, thanks a lot man ps: can you give us some more details on what you are working? "Cookie bar"? searched the net but found nothing, REALL
  6. this is so great thank you so much ... can`t wait for a hotspot option
  7. can i get a working link of the program please? i would really like to give this one a go thanks in advance
  8. holly cow, this is so cool now rklauncher works more better with multiple stacks and so dynamic and smooth i still got some errors when i try to customize one stack but it`s still there after i press ok ... nothing is lost looking forward for the next update thanks Matonga
  9. i second the one with the pirate flag ... anyone?
  10. what`s your id on deviant art? ... i`m interested to follow this how it goes
  11. any chance you can make that time format in hh:mm:ss dd like the one in objectbar .... i don`t know how the format it`s call but i will be so much practical ... thank you very much for the efort to change the one for my needs
  12. how can i make this docklet to lunch an application when i click on it and if it`s possible (i know i`m taking a long shot here) to work with google calendar thanks
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