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  1. Hi, there're big buttons in attachment. This is a standart buttons used in Mac OS X but they are were zoomed a little. I think it can be used as icons, so i created topic here. Hope this will be useful somebody... I can generate this buttons at almost any resolution. 512x512, 1024x1024 (i have not tested, but i'm sure it will work)... They are drawn by Core Graphics technology.
  2. Strange, when i did first run, it was working perfect. And after several restarts, when i tried to use OpenGL (it was very slow) and switched back to DirectX, it becoma ssooo sloow.. Software engine is much faster now. Why?
  3. Wow, it is excellent! matonga, you are cool So idea for you: make minimization animation of window, like in OS X, when it goes into Dock. And restoring too. So your app will be even greater!
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