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  1. Any one remember the long forgotten PowerPC lover lol?
  2. thanks Phoshi! but maybe there`s also another software? I will try to google it, and maybe post results, I think some one might like the idea of the start button on the right!
  3. I believe Phile Schiller would take over. though Steve is not like Bill Gates, who just retires at an early age. I vote for Phil.
  4. I would like to know how I can put the start menu button all the way to the right of the task bar? is there an App for this? also, if I put the start menu at the right, then will there be a program that will put the icon tray to the left?
  5. The Bamboo Graphics tablet is in my opinion, a below average tablet, I haved used it, but I had to get used to it, quite hard, I know about this because I used it for a month, but I returned it. It depends on what you would like to do with it, you should check out some reveiws, google some reviews, and it will aid your choice on choosing the right tablet. Doing simple things like line art, will be acceptable with this tablet.
  6. Engineering! Its very intense graphics and so on, I also design Automobiles and I need good Apple Mac hardware. BTW, 300 posts made by me already!
  7. I like second hand computers, they are economic! and well, your not spoiled, every one should have a laptop as a standar.
  8. Thats the laptop of my dreams!!!! Professional and yet compatible with todays use, but this is not new to me, I have been searching for this laptops since like mid 2006.
  9. yes, ones mens garbage is ones mens treasure, that quote really counts.
  10. one of the songs that I like that remind me of Apple is Rain Dance by Adiemus, its a song in the PowerBook G4 product release movie.
  11. I will see... I will also seek for something somewhere, some day I will get this laptop that I want. the PowerBook 3400...
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