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  1. Ronno


    I was listening to one of my favorite ELO albums, Balance of Power and thought how nice a wallpaper made from the album cover would be, so here it is! Download Enjoy! DevART page Website Twitter Me!
  2. I've a question, it isnt urgent or anything but i was basically wondering if anyone knew the system file for the graphics of the "locked computer" screen? or how to change them or even a program to do so. this one: Many Thanks in advance.
  3. check it out and let me know what you think: yes, it is unfinished
  4. another skin for rocketdock, couldn't find any good wood skins so i made my own. let me know what you think!
  5. A little something iv'e been working on. Hope you like! Possibly more to come... ronno
  6. absolutely nothing at all...
  7. Looks like 'District' to me... but I could be wrong
  8. Ronno


    Jeff Lynne wasnt strictly WW2 but it was 1947 so give or take a few years, he is most talented and gifted person ever, he worked with so many people and produced music too, hes 61 and bringing his second solo album out later this year, his first one was 1990!
  9. apparently its his own kid now :S its getting silly now lol
  10. Ive just read in my local paper today that my old teacher of last year is being accused of 7 counts of sexually abusive acts. now i find this is disgusting as its really not true, anyway to cut to the point, im only 16, but like to set up a defence in his name, i already have over a hundred people wishing to do something at this, what is the best way of going about this? the court hearing is monday in my town.
  11. good point but that is a cool site
  12. sorry to break it to you but its fake: ive just made, as close as i can, a version of him on a face making flash site http://flashface.ctapt.de/
  13. yeah it's me... joke but that has creeped me out
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