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  1. wow, i like it! very nice. i will be keeping watch for a release.
  2. holy crap, it works well... this is weird!! edit: humm, actually, it don't work for a lot of programs i use =(
  3. nice, good job evilmnky, lol.
  4. dude, almost everything is made in china nowadays.
  5. this thread is funny. i don't know why i clicked it.
  6. i am looking at the caption bar... and it's actually not possible to do such using visual style. windowblinds though, it'll be possible.
  7. lol, seriously... from that image, nobody's gonna be able to make squat out of it.
  8. CubanPete: the shortcuts on the left side is rocketdock? i am gonna have to check it out... how did you set it up? (config settings?)
  9. CubanPete: that is CLEAN! can you give us more info of how you've done it?
  10. why... would anyone need them to be so huge?
  11. oh what the... the quick look is awesome! if it really loads as quickly as the video, then it's just incredible.
  12. the sad thing is that here in sd, we only get a handful of hd channel. discovery in hd is probably the most impressive channel so far.
  13. a firefox theme would make it complete!
  14. i think i know what he's talking about. i don't remember the specifics, because i haven't done it in a long time, but basically what you do is replace the line where it refers to explorer.exe with the new shell. it's definitely a process that requires some know-how, otherwise when you screw something up, you might have some headaches.
  15. meh, one of my buddy is really into that brand. ican't say i find it to be appealing at all. then again, i am more of formal attire, prep type.
  16. oh, you're not in that deep of doo-doo. don't be too scared, lol. here's what you do: at that screen, press ctrl+alt+del twice. it should activate the classic logon screen. now where's my prize?
  17. using it right now... i love this Andover font!
  18. for some reason, before i even entered the thread, i thought to myself "unbeliever" totally wants to use it as his startup sound... lol.
  19. darn, there are a couple i like that's not big enough.
  20. Kazener: which theme is that? it looks really clean.
  21. well... hate to be digging ancient threads up... but i was kinda hoping there will be some kind of development for NiCo since it's been officially released. anyone seen kol on MSN recently? i seem to be on when he's not.
  22. i am sorry to say this, but ZeroC00l, are you the lame? unless it's sarcasm or something, of which i don't detect... why would people post pics of someone else as them? i highly doubt you're arron kwok.
  23. blaze: i have been seeing more and more of that font in screen shots, what is it?
  24. if someone could post the nickel cobalt icons in icon packager, that'll be the yummy!
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