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  1. mac search does the trick i used it once as a spotlight clone http://staxxy.deviantart.com/art/CoverSutra-78551112
  2. Actually it was fake because it was just an image of the top of my wallpaper so there was no bar image to start with there for creating a fake transparency
  3. Dutch hardcore FTW Cool skin aswell
  4. You mean like the Attachment? If so then it has to be fake transparency because objectbar doesn't support transparency yet. So you just use the top of your wallpaper as the bar image.
  5. The new astra one doesn't look that bad still, wouldn't use it
  6. Just leopardbar.bmp with your own image and restart objectbar and it will work.
  7. If you want the highest quality audio i would use .wav at 320kbs because it is the best imo, but the files are rather large.
  8. Don't know if this has been posted before, but i found it very interesting, so i thought i would post it A breakthrough in technology could see the memory capacity of devices such as the iPod increase by 150,000 times, Glasgow University researchers claimed. Two experts said they had developed a molecule-sized switch which means that data storage could be boosted without having to increase the size of devices. The biggest iPod MP3 player currently available can hold about 40,000 songs. However, new nanotechnology could theoretically allow users to store millions of video and music
  9. I think it was the icon you had coz I found this one on adium extras and converted it and it seems ok online.zip
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