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  1. Why be an *** about someone elses likes? no need for that man geez.
  2. Hello I am looking for a wallpaper that comes with the default wallpapers in Vista and it is butterfly wallpaper. When I bought my desktop It came with Vista but very few Vista default walls. In the last month or so I been to Bestbuy and I browsed several desktops with Vista and In their default walls folder It had that butterfly wallpaper along with a few new others. I don't have a screenshot of the wall as I cannot find one I also have googled with no avail I hope someone knows what I am talking about and is willing to share it. Thanks in advanced..
  3. --> Download <-- --> In Action <-- Details @ DeviantArt hope you enjoy. .
  4. Big Bag is a spammer I clicked on the link and got pron [email protected]#%$
  5. . I love windows I like to emulate mac but will never switch to a MAC personal choice.
  6. They were talking about turning mac icons into png as us window users cant .
  7. I am not sure about the display items on the dock... It does look like leopard though. THis can be done not on the dock but on the desktop with avedesk with pidl shortcut in avedesk like Bebibulma stated.
  8. Very nice thanks for these great icons .
  9. Thanks for these lovely icons .
  10. I agree with tomtom this is so easy to make CAD is extremly easy to skin Ill see if i can get it going ill be away from my pc for about 3 days so no photoshop .
  11. Thanks for sharing this amazing wall it looks great on my desk .
  12. Wow dude vista basic on 512 ram ... must be really slugish I also would like to know this.
  13. LMAO that is funny... Nice to know thanks for the info Levi.
  14. No worrys SG never took your comment wrong .
  15. Actually you can do that but you will lose qualaty with the gradients and texture . That should be the alternative Phantom Lord Ill do it ill get back to you .
  16. wow m8 those look amazing nice update .
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