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  1. Apple is less concerned about just performance and more concerned about overall usability. AMD chips are pretty power hungry making them less than ideal for laptops...plus they get hotter and when hot, theyre not as stable as an intel chip. General statements. Im aware the new pentium 4's are really poopie in power consumption and heat.
  2. Well soon enough, we will be able to have real answers to which OS is actually faster/better and which CPU is faster/better. We will be able to compare G5 performance on OSX compared to P4 performance on OSX. I'm sure many of you will be surprised either one way or another.
  3. Perfect point Acaeris. Thanks for clearing that up more.
  4. Anti-intuitive? Do you mean counterintuitive? And what you think is quality the next person thinks is crap. Think more objectively. Good and bad are subjective terms. You may only own 5 games at one time, but that only says "you only own 5 games at a time." It says nothing about the millions of other people across the planet of all types. 500 different bad games to 50 good games? I dont know where you got that comparison. I was making a comparison before more like 500 pretty good games that are all different to 50 very good games that are all the same. Although, the ratio of 500:
  5. You're wrong. Game selection makes the console appealing to more people. Not everyone has your same tastes in games. I'm sure lots of people hate the games you enjoy and vice versa. And we all know that you and I are both tiny little statistics to Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft. What we think doesn't matter: what the world thinks does. I think Super Mario 64 was the top selling game between the psone and n64 for good reason, but the psone still did better in games sales because of its game selection. It had more quality games of more genres.
  6. It doesnt appear he can. Halo fanatics! It doesnt matter which one is better hardware wise anyways. The playstation 2 has been top dog since its release despite the fact the xbox has better hardware. The reason being is they have better games than xbox. The same thing happened when the n64 was competing with the psone: despite the 64 being more powerful, it didnt have the game selection as the psone. Game selection and game quality has always been the top selling point for consoles, not the system itself.
  7. The silica widgets are the best for desktopx by far. Too bad there arent more of them. Nice release. The playlist, folder, and url buttons dont seem to work, at least not with itunes 4.8.
  8. More capacity means a lot more to game quality than just cutscenes. Do you think extra gameplay just comes free, or higher quality music and sound? How about extra dialogue or more textures? What about buying a single disc and getting all of the previous games in a long series of games like mortal combat or final fantasy? Or having a breif synopse of the story of a previous installment of a game series? Pre-rendered video is only a waste when youre sacrificing actual gameplay for it, but in many recent games, especially rpgs, they already have long real time cutscenes full of story. In
  9. Ive seen buttons disappear before, and it was font related. Try removing those system filesor removing some of the extra OS X fonts.
  10. I dont know for sure if it really is partially transparent, but the option to make just the background transparent would be a great touch.
  11. Doesnt the original gadget have a slightly transparent background image?
  12. Well it appears ps3 is the winner by a vast majority. "Xbox 360 officially will be backward compatible with the prior system's top-selling games, said Microsoft's Vice President Peter Moore." Uhm, top selling games? That sounds more like "selective" compatibility. I like those underdog games more than the big top sellers.
  13. Mainly its missing a TUNER. Its also missing a sound card, video and audio in capabilities and various other combonents such as a media writing capabilities. Even if it did have all the components for a real HTPC, it still wont run MCE simply because windows doesnt support powerpc architecture and microsoft will not create a work around to make it work on the xbox. So it will never be a HTPC. Even if someone does happen to get it working miraculously, microsoft will just upgrade the firmware and bust it all. Kinda like what apple does with the ipod. People do illegal or naughty things: f
  14. I dont really see the purpose of having full MCE capabilities would serve...it doesnt have the right hardware to be a real media center and anything the hardware does allow is already offered through the MCE extender capabilities. Having a full OS on your console doesnt really serve much purpose. Even if you get it running, its going to be emulated since microsoft wont be voluntarily allowing things like this to happen. Anything that does run windows successfully wont be running it at any amazing speed and Im sure microsoft will be watching the people using and creating this stuff very ca
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