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  1. Alright, so i want some icons. A snowy set. basically, snowed down icons, but anything will do. here are my main apps i want it for. Safari/Firefox adium mail photoshop itunes coda microsoft word candybar transmission colloquy
  2. cocoa incorporates the things that are already built into os X, such as transparency and other things that are for os X instead of OS9 and below
  3. i never knew that finder was carbon based, i thought when they switched to leopard, or tiger for that matter, that finder would have been re-written in cocoa. interestingg
  4. i think that windows 7 is going to be like vista is now. vista lives (almost at least imo) up to tiger. windows 7 will live up to leopard, and microsoft will always be a step behind, at least until Apple makes a blunder. Snow Leopard is going to be all performance based, in a nutshell, making what you have even better, your GPU is basically going to be another CPU, thus making everything look and feel amazing. TBs upon TBs of data will be able to be stored, the speed that they are saved is up to the manufacturers, but I am sure Apple will work with someone to make a fantastic HDD that works
  5. I was thinking the same exact thing. Apple wouldnt overuse material to make the price higher and make the product heavier. You have to think these things through all the way.
  6. i am too lazy to make a fancy overlay. http://h4xr.org/nj7u there you go =] my dark theme
  7. Alright, so I want a dark photoshop cs3, coda, and microsoft word. i have a dark theme going and thats all i need for my dock, except for ical... please and thank you
  8. its like buying a lexus, you buy it because you WANT to
  9. i havnt really found anything wrong with chrome, been using it since day 1
  10. sounds like their r gonna illuminate everything better
  11. Alright, so I have 2 gigs of ram right now, everything seems to run pretty fast. obviously it would run faster but would having 4 gigs of ram do anything other than prepare me for future versions of windows?
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