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  1. Preview: Download at my blog
  2. Nice one ! i'll look forward to seeing some of your desktop screenies !
  3. Im not sure if you guys know but over at joejoe.org were running a desktop comp this month and the winner with the sexiest desktop wins a 12 months subscription to deviantART! Head on over and submit your entry and you never know what might happen ;-) Clicky Lee.
  4. The font is called "Continuum Bold" and "Continuum medium"
  5. A simple walkman wallpaper made entirely by myself with the inspiration from my new sony w950i walkman phone. The resolution is 1280x800, I only made it in this one res too simply because its for myself and because im to lazy to alter it ! Lee. download
  6. My second variation of the ferrari Wallpaper:
  7. Download Not my usual style but hey ho...
  8. Probably one of my last icons for a lil while since Ive got two jobs now and a house to look for ! Download
  9. Download protected by Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 2.0 UK: England & Wales License
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