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  1. Thanks it's been fun doing it again after all these years.... lots of great advancements since the last time I was doing it full time. Updated my PC shot.
  2. Great screenshots all! Long time no post for me. Well... here's my two current desktops..... one is my Mac Mini.. the other is a PC (my family's dell). Sorry no fancy previews this time: PC Mac The PC is still WIP but I like how it looks so far.
  3. I kind of don't think iMove and iPhoto are going to be released for Windows.. at least not soon. You have to realize that those programs aren't even included with OS X they are a part of iLife which people actually have to pay for. iTunes and Safari are free though. iChat perhaps but those others would have to be a part of an iLife for windows... iPhoto anyway.
  4. I'm surprised that almost no one has noted that virtual desktops have been available for Windows since literally last century via alternative desktop shells like Litestep as well as being available for other Unix and Unix like systems. It's hardly new, or innovative even their implementation isn't new as it seems a lot like virtue on OS X and microsoft's powertoy. I currently am using Desktop Manager in OS X but it is nice to see Apple acknowledging virtual desktops and including it officially in the OS with more integration so it might work even better than third party solutions.
  5. OMG! That rocks! Looks really smooth too practically like the effect as it is on the mac if he puts in the reverse it'll be perfect!
  6. OS X looks more like his screenshots above I think it's fine the way it is.
  7. Here's my desktop with pulsar: http://screenshots.haque.net/screenshots/v...nshot-25896.jpg
  8. My Mac mini (1.4ghz, Suprdrive, 1gb ram (ram bought seperate to save money)) arrived on friday and the on or before date was the 9th I ordered it on the 7th of Feb.
  9. My new computer has arrived, I spent a couple of days setting things up the way I like them: Click here to take a look.
  10. Adium doesn't use the Gecko engine, it uses webkit (safari) which is KHTML.
  11. With the new update and dynamic avatars you need to put an image named noavatar.jpg in your styles main folder such as /templates/ichat/
  12. The %avatar% variable doesn't seem to work for your own avatar. Only for the person you are talking to's avatar.
  13. There should be a way to make it look for more than one file type in the avatars folder like, jpg, gif, or png. Right now I have it showing gif because of how some of my fiends like to have animated gif's as their avatars and I want them to choose what avatar is displaying for them.
  14. Nope that wouldn't work with a toolwindow because you can't change it's layout.
  15. I meant turn off toolwindow titlebar to not use it. With a normal titlebar you should be able to do the same thing with the contact list as you do with the message window. I was sure you already did this? I never use toolwindow titlebar (as toolwindows look so bad to me in windows it's kind of shamefull). As a matter of fact if you wanted you could also put a bg in the window set it to stretch only horizontally and make it look like brushed metal with a shine is going through the whole contact list (which wouldn't look exactly like ichat but I still think that looks nice). I was thinking of d
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