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  1. the dock is Avant Window Navigator https://launchpad.net/awn even though there are no official releases you can easily find packages for the mose common distribution googling it here is the howto for Ubuntu: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=385981
  2. this is out of topic, but what cursor theme are you using in the Screenshots for the visual style? thanks.
  3. WOOT!!!!! RUBY SUPPORT!!! Now it's time to start creating some widgets!!! *goes into coding mode*
  4. this idea came from the new Samurize that now supports perl and python, would it be posible to add this capability to AveDesk? if so... could you add Ruby
  5. this is how you can have OSX running in your PC albeit 500 times slower that how it would run in a Mac. 1. Install PearPC (http://pearpc.sf.net) 2. Install Mac OSX Image 1 Image 2 Image 3 ------------------ There is no such thing as threads not suitable for 56k'ers. You can link to the images or post screenshots. Also, this is i will move this to Mac & Linux OS, this is not suited for general discussion. The Images Have Been Linked & The Topic Has Been Moved // Seph
  6. actually you don't need to define a class to do that. def test(a) puts a end test "This is my test"
  7. NeM, it should, Ruby (http://www.ruby-lang.org) can do anything that Perl and Python can in a easier to read/understand way and it is 100% OO here is some FTP code in Python def reconnect_on_timeout(self, operation, parameters): attempts = self.attempts while 1: try: return apply(operation, parameters) except IOError, ex: if attempts == 0: raise IOError, ex else: self._reconnect() delay( self.retry_delay ) attempts = attempts - 1 def upload(self, data, filename): self.reconnect_on_timeout(self.uploader, (data, filename)) def
  8. any chances of adding ruby to the list of scripting languages supported now that perl and python made it there?
  9. There are some problems when installing this skin in UNIX. When you select an item out of a selection tree they all turn blue.
  10. Do you want that awesome FLUX screensaver to be your background desktop? http://jodrell.net/gnome-hacks/hacks.html?id=44 enjoy.. ------------------ Please, tag your threads. This is a [link] The Topic Has Been Tagged // Seph
  11. completely out of topic.. Wizard.. you know you can be sue for promoting suicide with your signature?, just an FYI.
  12. I guess I should point out that I am mainly a Solaris user.. not linux and yes you are right there is always two side of the coin, in my case multiple sides of the coin
  13. Independant test financed by Microsoft or by organizations funded by Microsoft, there was a big article about this topic a while back in SlashDot. During those test IIS was completely locked down while Apache was "out of the box", also they were not able to break into Apache, they used flaws in 3rd party modules (mod_php) flaws that as usually happen with OpenSource were fixed in matter of hours once they were discovered.
  14. but in this case the mass market aceptance of APACHE is due to the incredible amount of exploits and software bugs found in IIS.
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