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  1. After 2 months of the original announcement, I don't think he meant to use the word 'soon'....
  2. That has been an issue even with Vista.
  3. Has anyone tried this with Windows7, sorry if already asked previously....
  4. Great app... your hard work is always appreciated.
  5. The thread is about classical music not about classic rock.... although I play electric guitar as well I wanted to point out there is a great repertoire of great classical music for classical guitar.... here is one impressive performance>>>
  6. I'm a classical guitar player and there are very interesting guitar pieces out there. Whoever wants to exchange music or tab just pm me.
  7. I know the next version of OD+ wil include some new features so you never know....
  8. I personally would like to have the Vista Bubble ss for Mac, does anyone know if it has been imported... What a coincidence, there was one just released yesterday http://www.apple.com/downloads/macosx/icon...s/bubblesx.html
  9. did you ck wincustomize.com I remember seeing some of the earlier docks releases were stripped.
  10. Silk (shareware) and Tinkertool (free)
  11. If you compare, they are similar but aren't really the same ones. Like Bapestar said, those are the 32 pixels drives but I just can't find them anywhere...
  12. Does anyone have a link? I couldn't find them on his website...
  13. Anyone know where I can find these small vertical hard drives Thanks in advance
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