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  1. Pssh, all this talk of using GPUs as another processor makes me chuckle. Where does that leave Macbook users like me with this integrated Intel garbage? I LOL everytime I hear it referred to as a "GPU", "stinking pile of garbage" would be better I think. Don't get me wrong, I love my Macbook but it chokes on some things with this Intel "GPU". I'm currently holding out for an Nvidia based Mini as a desktop/multimedia PC to pair up with my Sony XBR6 TV.
  2. Gents, I found a Powermac G5 1.8 GHz Dual Core w/ 6.5 GBs of RAM for $650. I am looking for something to do some audio/video editing in place of my 2.4 GHz Core 2 Duo Macbook with 4 GB of RAM. It takes forever to encode videos on here. Would the G5 be any better? I know they can't compare on a cycle vs. cycle basis due to different architectures. I can't exactly afford a Mac Pro at this time...
  3. Bummer. I was going to install XP using my legit CD key and a copy of XP I "found." (Note, I do not advocate piracy, as I have a license that is not being used anymore) Well, lets just say it didn't boot properly. Thought I had screwed up my Mac when the unbootable drive message came up. Luckily, all I had to do was take the CD out, run the boot camp assistant again and end up restoring my OS X portion back to its original size. Thankfully I think it saved me from myself. It looks like I'll have to go shell out some more money... For parallels AND XP...
  4. Exactly my problem with Boot Camp as I do not have a legitimate copy (this OEM garbage won't do the trick) of either one. Trying to figure out how to compile bochs on OS X right now. I just installed the developer tools too... It's not going well as I can't get the syntax quite to the liking of the program for my config options. Maybe I should try compiling wine before I switch to a full fledged emulator. Sort of related, I don't see why Mac VIrtual PC is $100+ when the PC version is free... Oh well.
  5. Not the legality, just the fact that the copy I have is actually 6 CDs and a hard disc image so its kind of not useable to me. (It is designed to reformat the drive and place an exact image of the HP's drive on it as opposed to just XP. More of a Ghost disk than an install disk.
  6. Boot Camp is only for XP correct? My only XP version that I have is an OEM (read, full of crapware and only installable on that brand PC) copy. Wine (or Darwine) is supposed to be for OS X on Intel and PPC but I am having problems getting it to run anything.
  7. Gents, while I am genuinely enjoying the transition to OS X, there is one thing that is keeping me from being totally happy, and that is that I am a Command & Conquer addict. (My other two addictions, Warcraft and Starcraft are OS X compatible!) Anyway, I was trying Darwine and can't get it to work with C&C Gold (DIdn't try any others since C&C is the most basic one.) So, how do I do this? I would do a virtual PC, but Virtual PC and Parallels cost money, not to mention that my only Windows XP install is an OEM version that is locked on my (now unused) desktop hard drive. I DO h
  8. Update: Well guys, I picked it up today and really like it thus far, Really nice and polished OS, program and hardware wise. I picked up 4 GB of RAM at the same time I bought it, I just now have to put it in. (Gonna wait until next week when I have access to an ESD strap and an insulated surface to do it on.)
  9. How 'bout $100 more for just the color on the black Macbooks? (It is actually 200 more, but it has the 250 GB drive standard which is a $100 option on the highest white Macbook.)
  10. It WILL be a big improvement from this: Athlon XP 2800+ (great CPU even if it is old now), 512 MB PC2700 DDR DRAM, 120 GB 5400 RPM HDD, 64 MB integrated Geforce 4 junk. Not to mention I shouldn't have the problem of programs randomly closing and getting an error report with a link only to tell me that there is no solution currently... Talk about ticking me off! I've gotten ugly in the comments box on their web pages about that here lately, maybe a week left on this thing, I'm gonna try to turn it into a media server or something.
  11. Alright ladies and gentlemen, I finally got off my bum and decided to quit trying to make my POS PC look and function like a Mac (plus its out dated) and I bought a Macbook today. Arrival date is possibly sometime next week. How long did it take you to receive yours? Anyway, what are some recommended programs? I do a lot of audio/video editing (couldn't afford a Pro though.), play a few (very few) games, and most of them are Blizzard products which ARE Mac compatible. Um, I rip my DVDs to the hard drive and throw them on my iPhone, so I already know of handbrake, so... What else would yo
  12. Alright ladies and gents, due to my computer HDD dying and HP being too cheap to include a recovery CD (they put a partition on there, smart people these HP guys...), I had to install Linux. I have Ubuntu (Dapper Drake) up and running right now and am really enjoying it. I use both Gnome and KDE as I feel the urge. However, I would like to get some Aqua style themes and such going on. I HAVE searched here and have found threads about 2-5 years old on it, but they do not discuss my problem with it. Mine is HOW do I apply the themes? (for KDE, Metacity, GTK+, etc.) What's with all of the
  13. Great looking theme!
  14. Deetox, what a wonderful program! I like Frontrow and Media Center for OS X and XP respectively, but not wanting to buy XP MCE or go out and buy a Mac (well I want to but cant afford it) this is a wonderful program that does all that I wanted it to! Great job big guy!
  15. I like it. Its different.
  16. the problem with flash memory (I saw it quoted in a Linux mag a while ago...) is that it can only be used/written to so many times, and currently, the data is stored in RAM and then transmitted to the flash disk right before shut down or at certain times. Also, flash memory has certain quantum mechanics junk inherent as well, as such it can only be flashed a certain number of times (albeit with today's technology its a pretty big number), and it is not written to in real time, so it uses RAM. Just some thoughts. I for one want something faster than the current hard disks (as that's our curre
  17. There was talk a while back I heard, probably rumors about a CD encoding or something that wouldn't read in a CD or would mess up the drive (which I think was just a rumor), but as far as it being illegal to rip it to my HDD or my iPod they can kiss it! I think that it is sad that you have another copy lying around, in case the original gets scratched, and even that's illegal to them. Hey, you know what, get Bono off his *** and get him to raise you starving folks some money too. At least that's what they're acting like anyway. Like they don't make enough/have enough money now... Sorry, t
  18. what do you guys think now that it is out? I kinda want one really bad!
  19. Well, I was fiddling with my Myspace account today and came upon a way to put some custom CSS files into the blog part to change the look. Now I was wanting the OS X look, but have no clue how to do it. Is there one hanging around somewhere, or do any of you know how to make one? Thank you for your time.
  20. With the release of the Intel chips, is there going to be a price drop on any of the G4 based Macs? I kinda want a mini for mobile useage and was just wondering. Heck, it would be pretty sweet to have around I think, take it with me wherever I go. I'll explain more about that later. And a quote I found on the Apple site: "What's an Intel chip doing in a Mac? A whole lot more than its ever done in a PC." Or is an Apple refurb alright? I'm a little scared of a refurb anything.
  21. I don't have any right now as for some reason Ubuntu's newest version won't install. I had Mandriva LE 2005 for a while, but for some reason it kept on dying. Plus my POS Winmodem won't work in any of them so far. Its supposed to work under Ubuntu 5.04 but I can't get it to boot even from the Live CD right now, something about unable to initialize the shell and unable to continue the installation.
  22. Any updates? I'm quite interested in this.
  23. Great! KDE! What theme is that? Baghira? I have Mandriva (Mandrake 10.2) and I downloaded the RPM for it and installed it but can't get it to work quite right. What version am I supposed to use or is there a tutorial somewhere? Gnome-look and KDE-look and their affiliates are the best *nix theming sites around.
  24. Hmm, the download seems to be broken as it won't install and 7 Zip will not open it. Anyone have a workign mirror of it?
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