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  1. Search for HSI amazing software (its hawkeye something, if you cant find it give me a pm and ill upload it for you) Make a script with the following :: margin, 0, bottom, 50 Save this and put a shortcut to the script in the startup menu Works like a charm
  2. Check if you have the "Keep my iTunes music folder organised" in Preferences ticked?
  3. AMAZING =) Thanks! PS: It'd Be amazing if you could tweak this for 1440x900 although it still looks good as is!~
  4. some copy of tomato.png is corrupt -> unexpected end of archive please look into it i wanna use this stuff.... mm. its working fine, just the tomato skin is corrupt i think! BRILLIANT APP.... Cheers to all of you for making it
  5. windows modded to look like leopard.. the best in my opinion... iv considered to buy a mac for quite a bit now, but the compatibilty issue always gnaws my mind, and in the end, windows it is... windows XP that is
  6. seriously that has to be some rock formation helped by dust and erratic light. its just kinda impossible that a "woman" would be lounging around rocks on mars -.-" ffs...
  7. hope you get them back.... best of luck... it'd really suck if they were really 'gone'
  8. Could something like this be made for uTorrent as well? uTorrent has an "net gui" thing so can this be potentially used to display the speeds etc? Thanks!
  9. Where can I get the lyrics plugin? Thanks!
  10. Okay herez my completed conversion... [dont comment on my music.. please... ]
  11. Herez mine... Sorry, I dunno how to make previews :S http://shubhangam.deviantart.com/art/My-De...esktop-71800532
  12. LinkDown... Please re-upload to mediafire or something else.. Thanks~!
  13. Link Down? Please help. Thanks! NVM: found out the new site www.avedesk.org please update links
  14. Woah Timan, you'r great also, could someone post a tut for those reflective icons..? I seriously need to make some for me edit: nvm, I found out how to do it... http://www.moesrealm.com/photoshop/reflections.html http://www.mediacollege.com/adobe/photosho...t/gradient.html use a bit of both to get something nice Thanks, sHubH
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