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  1. Very cool! Any chance to get it in 1440x900?
  2. Exactly same that proenca ^ Windows Vista Ultimate (Spanish) WDDM Aero enabled ATI Radeon 9550 DirectX nov. update but it doesn't works... it doesn't happens anything... What can i do?
  3. deviantART is your friend, and so is Google, mate http://thecoolsha.deviantart.com/art/iPhon...0-W800-49750332 http://mrmariani.deviantart.com/art/iPhone-SE-58182950
  4. Hey guys! I've got it to work on FF2 with Nightly Tester Tools... It has 3 main issues: a) It doesn't shows scrollbars Bookmarks bar looks weird c) Tabs bar doesn't work! (which is the worst issue, i think) I don't wanna switch to FF 3.0b1, so i'll be looking the css files and stuff to see if i can fix it... but i dunno too much about firefox themes... can anybody help? BTW this is the way it looks on FF2:
  5. Hey,don't worry, happy birthday for u too bh2, is it your birthday any time soon...? I can see in your avatar that you'll have a nice party... LMAO... i want some beer! Happy birthday ertai88, bh2 and all of you November-borned
  6. Hey Mac users!!! Can someone download it and share the .jar file with us? 'Cause i used Aronnax "Mac-only" themes and they worked fine and looked damn good! I want to try this one, but i can't find it in any other place but in mozilla.org... which doesn't allows me to download it... I'd even install Firefox beta 3.0 if i can have this nice theme! It'd be very appreciated Thanks in advance Linwe EDIT: Hehe... i got it! Though it doesn't shows scrollbars, which i think it's the only bug... but i can live with my mouse wheel... Personal Menu doesn't works with FF 3.0 so i'll
  7. Well i just have one question to add... please: I only use AveDesk for Mac-styled icons (For Dashboard i use Yahoo! WE) But i'd like to know if there's any form to show non True-Type fonts properly, 'cause everytime i try to set up a non TT font (let's say... LucidaMacBold, which is great) i only get an Arial-looking text... so it don't displays the font! P.S.: Same for Photoshop (It doesn't shows LucidaMacBold on my fonts list, which is a pity...) Font is .pfm, and i dunno how to convert it (for free... lol)
  8. Hey, happy birthday mate!!! Have a nice day! Get some drink! (You're a minor, so what?... hahaha) Linwe
  9. errr... a program that belongs to Adobe Creative Suite (CS)?
  10. Well mine it's not precisely the best, but....: 2 MBps download like 700 kbps upload ISP: Axtel (Mexico) And i pay $25 lol i have to upgrade it
  11. http://www.aqua-soft.org/board/showthread.php?t=46566 The closest thing for now...
  12. Don't complain, guys... here in Mexico i just seen the new iMacs... the cheaper is around $2100!
  13. Very nice, as always, Raats! I really admire your design work! Thanks
  14. Leopard skin by Blitzr: http://blitzr.deviantart.com/art/Mac-OS-X-...d-1-29-38749022 FindeXer customized: http://www.markraats.com/FinderXer_Tutorial.htm Styler toolbar: http://www.markraats.com/Styler%20Themes.htm
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