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  1. opera is fast, firefox always encounter errors
  2. got no choice but to format my pc, tnx for the advice guys.
  3. yes, my desktop theme was changed to SPYWARE detected, update your antivirus, and when i scan my computer, it was found on system 32. and when i tried to setup my desktop, by right clicking the mouse then properties, only 3 toolbars were left (themes, appearance, settigns). As of now the desktop has changed to blank screen but still i can only see 3 toolbars when i right click the mouse.
  4. you mean delete the file manually? it was installed on system 32
  5. scan history says, virus has been removed but still it appears on my desktop. i have avast and malwarebytes but still cant remove it.
  6. how do i remove trojan horse agent.aadp, i have AVG 8.0 installed but it wont work, as much as possible i dont want to format my computer. thanks in advance
  7. thanks guys! the computer is good and fast. i just have one problem, the computer cannot detect the modem, it has a built in modem. PC Chips M987G motherboard. anybody has an idea what kind of modem does it have?
  8. Thanks everybody for your quick reply. I'll just check it again and give all of you a feed back afterwards.
  9. i havent deal with the price yet. 20Gb is fine becuase it is upgradable. but i do not know what the 480mb ram is? is it upgradable? is it the memory?
  10. Sorry guys, i do not know if i post in the right thread, i need some advice. Somebidy is selling me this computer. Intel R Celeron R 2.26Ghz 480 ram 20Gb Is this fair enough for personal? for internet use? TNx in advance!
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