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  1. I'll get some obvious ones out of the way since i'm here first... Themes: Gooeylinux download page - you need to be registered there gnome-look kde-look roberTO's site http://art.gnome.org Applications: http://www.kde-apps.org http://www.gnomefiles.org
  2. He is deserving of a similar message, from Mr Jobs
  3. my desktop has only one toolkit (gtk+), needing only one theme, which will be common to all applications on my screen. In windows, you'll have more than one toolkit, if only because you're using firefox and thunderbird. Also, KDE's bits of transparency are not at all like quartz. Make a window transparent and drag it around your screen to see the difference.
  4. The problem of mismatching themes isn't anything to do with X. If you're using a kde application (uses QT libraries and KDE window manager), a gnome application (using GTK+ and metacity) and say some tcl/tk applications, you could have 6 or so themes running on your desktop. This isn't anything to do with X, its just that linux applications are written in a variety of languages. X can't really be themed, its a network protocol. Its also far from obsolete, its architecture means any number of extensions can be added to provide visual effects etc. Have a look at 'Xserver'
  5. http://gallery.sourceforge.net As simple as this website to use, just requires a php webserver, with imagemagick installed.
  6. "On the heels of Linksys's WRT54G problem of not allowing remote access to be disabled in certain cases and firmware, BugTraq published this report that NetGear's WG602 access point has a hidden password that provides remote and local administrative control. Unlike Linksys's, where turning the firewall on (which is on by default, but a researcher found new units in which it was off when taken out of the box), the NetGear hole cannot be disabled. The backdoor seems to have been created by the vendor that packaged the device for NetGear." Netgear then issued a fix for it the fix? they changed
  7. netgear routers, the ones with the backdoor passwords?
  8. i have a feeling aphex twin can be bought online without drm crappyness, much nicer than getting ripped off by apple. Was he with warp records?
  9. >> so does 1 mebibyte equal a megabit? i think for most people yes the only difference is if you are a hard drive manufacturer, or just about anyone who wants to con you, then a megab* would be 1000000 times the bit or byte.
  10. http://www.imaginegui.com/walls/ bottom row, fourth column for the second wall.
  11. hey would you mind sharing that wallpaper Lou, sorry if its out there somewhere, i haven't been around here for a while. are those red lines supposed to be there? EDIT2: thanks, got it
  12. gdeskcal or gdesklets, might want to make your own skin, but theres a fairly nice konfabulator one already which grand_masta made.
  13. that just proves most aqua-soft users are stupid! *goes to hide from the mob*
  14. no its not, its a question, unless he was asking someone to write a filter for him?
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