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  1. I'll start deleting any further posts asking when it'll be ready!!
  2. As soon as bobah starts releasing the new version, the whole forum will be reorganized to keep sticky topics for this new version apart from the old ones. This way we'll be able to focus on requests, help topics, support stuff and so on for XWD 2.0.0 the same way we do today for v5.6 without mixing them.
  3. This thread will remain closed until some sign of further development of XWD is seen... Thread Closed.
  4. For choosing the license model, the best reference site is the Open Source Initiative: http://www.opensource.org/ I just added a CC license in order to somehow protect bobah's intellectual property...
  5. A Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike license note has been added so that bobah's work can be recognized and his choose of a not-for-profit software can be preserved. Thanks for everything my friend!
  6. Hi folks! Yes, I'm still over here, although just trying to keep the forum minimally organized for the benefit of our still increasing user base, as my current health condition forbids me of being more active... The last time I talked to bobah he told me he had no time at all to spend with this project in the foreseeable future, due to his current work. From what I understand, he intends to keep total ownership of the code and has no intention in releasing it publicly; thus, I don't see it happening unless he really changes his mind. I'll merge this thread with the off-topic one afte
  7. Hi vemod, thanks for replying. I really hope that some day you consider this migration, down the road... No, not at all... if so, I would've stated so; I don't see .net as the best technology myself, preferring to be much more in control of things - and that's one of the reasons I don't like VB either... I'm an old C++/Java developer and advocate. As of VS.NET, there's always the free, express edition, that can be used if needed... Anyway, this seems to be a very promising emulation implementation of the much waited Cover Flow interface, so I wish you the best luck and will be wa
  8. Hi vemod, anything about this?
  9. Great addon but... any plans for a safer version for Vista/Seven users - i.e., not using VB6/DX8 but a compatible technology instead?
  10. Either search or read the FAQ before asking: http://www.aqua-soft.org/forum/index.php?showtopic=51531
  11. It's dead... at least for now. You'll have to ask bobah if you want to be sure tho.
  12. Yep, I know it from my XP and earlier times, but it's not Vista-ready... so, not for anyone - not anymore... Edit: anyone considering the use of Startup Delayer should first take a look at its forum before even trying...
  13. This is a long shot but, anyway... I have already observed at my notebook that sometimes when another process 'eats up' lots of processing power - for any reason - XWD eventually crashes, most of the time in a silent way: it simply closes! At startup time, depending on the processing power, amount of memory and amount of processes being started, it might be the case that XWD could crash for the same 'hidden' reasons; remember that WinXX startup sequence is not deterministic at all, so this may even happens only sometimes... Everybody experiencing such startup crashes is encouraged to experim
  14. Dude, you have 3 posts and in all of the 3 you've mentioned this same request. Stop repeating yourself or I'll start deleting your posts!
  15. You guys that are facing problems in Vista: have you tried disabling UAC?
  16. Monitoring function refers to the jumping effect that occurs, if 'Monitoring' is selected, when any of the selected triggers is fired, and just to that.
  17. As you can see, it was not that stupid, after all...
  18. Hi matonga! Do you intend supporting Safari 4 too? For now it's working but not with left-side due to the tab on top of S4. I also noticed some difference between S4 default 'color' and SMM; I use WB but included S4 in the exclusion list of it.
  19. @all: this utility is not updated to version 5.6 of XWD and is not compatible with it; I'm closing this thread and it'll be reopened if and when matonga updates Skin Editor.
  20. Yep dude, and thanks, at least we see someone with sense of humor... ps: btw, I was just quoting our FAQ.
  21. You just forgot to ask for a dock where the icons spin around and sing the Macarena while making you some coffee...
  22. Hey Timan! Any news from this subject?
  23. In my experience every time a clean install is done this message appears at the first run - I suspect it's due to the absence of the *.xml files (or, at least, DockItems.xml) - but if you click OK, then XWD will run normally (I'm on Vista 32-bit and this scenario always occurs, but only this one, as I have UAC disabled).
  24. @newgriptape: I was talking to Andrew; now, please, stop double-posting! Regarding UAC, you don't disable it for a single application; this is done for the system as a whole.
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