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  1. the latest version locks up all windows after about 15 seconds but it's just a test project so it wouldn't matter anyway, right? very nice btw! i got a kick out of it:) if you were curious, i have vista x64 with a quad core and 8800gtx and 4gb ddr2 800 so it isn't so much performance problems as much as it is an error. i admire your programming knowledge! is programming part of your job?
  2. works for rocket dock too! just not OD + vista x64
  3. it doesn't work with me either. and i believe i mentioned this a couple pages back already. vista x64 + Object Dock doesn't allow drag'n'drop
  4. i cant just make a file? i'm not gonna ditch object dock anytime soon.
  5. it doesn't matter. as long as it's a button that i can link to a dock.
  6. how can i make hiding/viewing the taskbar as easy as clicking an icon? the first time i googled, i came up with this: http://chiragdalal.tripod.com/howto/showhide_taskbar.html but i didn't know what file to save it as so i just named it a .bat file but when i clicked on it, it just opened the console and immediately closed it. my next search came up with this: http://computerkid.blogspot.com/2005/12/task-bar-toggle.html and i thought maybe there's a way to make a file execute a keystroke such as "Ctrl+Esc" BTW, i'm in Vista x64. help would be appreciated
  7. internet explorer cannot display page and both firefox and opera show blank white pages. fix link plz
  8. perhaps you can add the option to make the window with priority non-transparent? btw, works perfectly in vista home premium x64
  9. http://www.aqua-soft.org/board/showthread.php?t=46859 bottom post. click the mirror
  10. i'd really hate to go though all 30 pages of this thread to find my problem so sorry if this has already been posted. Vista x64 Object dock latest stack docklet version (1-15-08) cannot drag files onto stack. however, it works fine in rocket dock.
  11. i guess it would be nice if the icon title didn't cover the first stack item. that's on rocket dock in vista x64. is it possible that you can make the title go away when the stack opens?
  12. sorry, when i say one icon, i mean universally. i want to universally change my blender icon.
  13. I run on VISTA 64bit and Iconpackager is incompatible unless I "upgrade" i'd appreciate it if somebody could give me a link to an alternative. i LOVE all the defalt icons except one. just one. not packager needed...i just want to change ONE icon. i've made the .ico in photoshop already. i also plan to change a couple more later on. in case you were curious, here's the icon i made:) http://www.freewebs.com/pwnage303/dock%...nder%5Ficon.png
  14. i'd like to see this thread stay on topic. if you have other questions, there are other places to ask them. but here, the topic is stacks docklet. i'd also appreciate it if matonga would at least acknowledge my post:) i'm not demanding anything.... http://www.aqua-soft.org/board/showpost.ph...0&postcount=554 emulation, not functionality. that's what the mac does, right?
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