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  1. I hope the transparent menu bar isn't final... I personally don't like the new look - it's too vista-ish... I wish they went with something more like the screenshot above. I HOPE...
  2. hehe well as i said - i'm just stating an opinion Maybe I am just so used to the aqua interface, (and so in love with it) that I got a little disappointed when I saw that they dropped some of its features. Also, what I meant about the menu bar is that it's transparent, but then the menus that come from it aren't, and on PERSONAL opinion i dont think that looks as pleasant as before, I just wish that at least it would go solid when you hover over it or something. The other thing is, I really liked the previous versions of OS X for their "simplicity" - with each version, finder got more and more "simple" and less cluttered, and so did the rest of the OS. And that's what I'm gonna miss once leopard hits town as it kinda took the opposite road: For me, I find that I'd have to "think" more to do basic tasks in Leopard than with Tiger. It's cool, it's nice, and it's "NEW" so you guys will naturally froth over it - but in terms of practicality, I just think they are over doing it.
  3. hm, well you're certainly right, I am being biased. But by the same token, assume this scenario. Assume that Apple has created the ideal OS. Reality is, even when it has reached that point of an awesome OS, it still keeps having to create something "new" to keep things rolling - but then, at some point they are going to run out of ideas of what to do with a regular computer environment... I mean this can't last forever. They can shift things back and forth to make more money, but it's just not really necessary i find. Just an opinion my friend =)
  4. Hey guys. So. If you haven't checked out the new Apple.com, and the Keynote address of WWDC/07, looking at the new OS from Apple, I'm personally somewhat overwhelmed / disappointed. Why? Here are some reasons. - The glassy finder bar, the glassy effects, the mirror images on the dock, and the official wallpaper, all very much resembles Vista. Usually Windows copies Mac OS X, but now I find it the other way around. - there are too many features which are err.. I think a bit unnecessary. I mean, do I REALLY need to have so many options to live-preview a file? I mean the amount of time it will take me to get used to every thing that pops out at me in this new UI, I might as well just load the original application. - I really hope the transparent bar on top can be turned to solid, because I don't think the look is consistent at all. I just think that Tiger looks more consistent and the overall look is more pleasant. I dunno, I'm not being negative, but I think it's just all too much. What do you guys think?
  5. is there a chance of skinning this Safari - something along the lines of multiplugin for itunes, but for Safari - it'd be great if it was possible to integrate it with objectbar too! hehe
  6. can you send me an invitation please? [email protected] would be highly appreciated =)=)=)
  7. oh that's an existing theme that can be found at http://optimizator1.free.fr/design.php?page=skin7.5.0306
  8. Does anyone still have a link to the TIGER KKMENU skin or possibly have it? I'd really appreciate it
  9. hehe thanks =) Now if only I can move those buttons over to the left in MSN then it would be 100% real
  10. I was wondering if it is somehow possible to move the icons in an MSN Messenger skin from the "right" to the left to make it congruent with the rest of the Mac OS theme?
  11. is this still available for download somewhere / is there a link where someone is hosting this still?
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