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  1. Anyway, I thing in this version of leopard they are going to get ready for multi-touch like what Microsoft is doing with Windows 7. Maybe there will be a new tablet mac. But they will make it faster and harder to create a Hackintosh. I think all of this is standard but lets hope they make it skin-able, Leopard suck with that.
  2. Here's my try on windows, i used the hide menu bar add-on and the Proto theme
  3. Apple is coming out with a new iPhone, so they probably will come out with a new iPod touch. It probably wont be until fall. If your not that far from you computer, you could always just buy a shuffle, i seen them for $25. The only thing that sucks is that there is no screen. Just a thought.
  4. Here's what mine looks like, it really fits with the mac style better than the default skin.
  5. I'm using GrApple Yummy (blue) for OSX it seems to be the best skin for firefox 3 on mac, so far.
  6. I love Transmission but Xtorrent is cool because it will automatically move movies and music to the correct folders, that is nice. It also has a search feature, but i think its worth less. If you want simple go with Transmission.
  7. I'm guessing that you are asking about this link, to clarify things.
  8. @Levi I know this is off topic, but i just think its weird that your first theme was a wood theme, because mine was too.
  9. I never understood why admins don't want noob's, they will keep forms very active.... with questions. But eventually noobs learn and become an active part of a Community. Everyone was a noob at one point.
  10. Me i just installed leopard my self [cough] leoforall [/cough]. If i was going to buy a Psystar i would wait awhile, there are a couple problems (link) that some people are running into. Just do it your self. When Apple sues them they will probably bankrupt Psystar and then you will have no way of fixing it if you have issues. Or Apple could totally flip a ***** and start selling leopard as a OS that can run on any computer. The only way it will ever happen is if they sell tiger instead of leopard like that.
  11. sorry wrong link, here it is (link)
  12. Silk doesn't work for leopard... ?. Tinkertool, sweet. Thanks
  13. Like the idea, it would be cooler if it was like the Piclens extension for Firefox. Heres a demonstration video from youtube. Probably would be difficult, i wouldn't know because i am a dreamer not a developer, or you could do a something like coverflow and frontrow mixed.
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