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  1. Timan, thank you for the fast reply. I'll just wait for till you release the new version Tanks
  2. Hi, I would like to know is the current phpBB aqua-soft skin works with the latest phpBB3?? and if now, when you you be updating the skin? Thank you
  3. nightcrawler1089 thank you for your comment, and I will try t fix the url's Thanx again
  4. TechFeed.ca has been updated to this new look, and we are pleased to say that Tech Feed is now running under Drupal one of the best CMS (Content Management System). We are also currently looking for blog/post authors, If you are interested please contact us. Please let me know what do you think. Thank you
  5. Hi, I just recently lunched TechFeed.ca. powered by Pligg. I have so many plans with that site and I'm 100% positive after all the improvements are implemented with site will be one of the best/most visited sites on the net. However, I need some help from designers , and coders out there because to be honest to you I'm not that good with design, and coding. I also want to let you know that at first there will be no reimbursement for you hard work, however as soon as the site starts to generate some profit, it will be shared in one way or another with the people that helped out. So if you
  6. Thank for your suggestions...
  7. Thank you alpha2zulu. I've just lunched the site today, in time there will be more things...
  8. Hi I've updated www.TechFeed.ca so that everyone that registers can submit a story/ article. So I encourage you to drop by sometimes.. Let me know what you think?? Thank you
  9. Thanks nicholasheer, At this point it i just me who is posting, however I hope in the near future I will find more people who will contribute. Thanks again
  10. Hi guys, I just lunched TechFeed.ca Your daily technology feed source Tell me what you think? how it feels? and if there are any bugs. Thank you
  11. I really like the clean look..
  12. looks really clean, I love it
  13. you know I can only resize it to 90% if I go less then 90% this is what I keep getting when I view the forums in IE7
  14. Jjcd7 would you happen to know how do I make my forum style a bit narrower?
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