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  1. Oh to have a mac... But yeah, I heard of those Runasoft ones. I would've paid to try. ^-^; But yeah, if you gave me a chance to give one a go, I'd be grateful. If it doesn't work, than I guess it doesn't matter. 'Snot like I look at iTunes as such, just listen to it. x3 And for the record, I use iTunes or something like that. iTunes 7 wreaked havoc on my computer and it hasn't touched it since. >_>
  2. Is there a way to create and use skins for iTunes with a standalone program or such? Or at least a way to use skins on iTunes without needing Multi-plugin? Only thing I could see that had something along those lines was the iTunes Skin Creator. But that's only in old posts and doesn't seem to exist anyway. Any way I can make/edit/use iTunes skins without Multi-plugin?
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