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  1. Quick suggestion: you can take any clock config that looks good to you and reduce the opacity of the background image (try leaving the hands of the clock at full opacity first, then reduce opacity if the look doesn't fit), that may be enough to satisfy you.
  2. For any foobar2000 users who don't follow the foobar2000 forums, cybasoul recently released a PanelsUI config that iTunes lovers may like: efTunes. The release thread gives a few more screenshots with differing configurations and a detailed how-to for setting everything up. This may be a good way to try to get into foobar2000 usage with familiar layouts. BTW, I'm a Default UI user, not a Panels UI user, so I can't give any help with this, but cybasoul currently is answering questions very quickly in the release thread if you have any problems.
  3. Overall a really nice skin set. The highlights on the bottom of the button bevels for the white buttons seem too bright. The highlights on the dark-button skin look great, while the white-button highlights seem to be glowing instead of just reflecting light.
  4. I think you should credit Jet for the original White Key skin Edit: nevermind, you credit him on the DevArt page. >_<
  5. Rainlendar 2.3 has been released, if anyone here actually uses the v2, after 53 beta builds. O_o I have yet to try to make any skins for the 2.x version, since it's seems a bit too complicated, I should look around and see if anyone has written a decent layout of how these 2.x skins work.
  6. Wow, last time I came in here was in June. O_o Yeah, not very much for me. I don't change me desktop anymore, so no need to keep up on things. I've been using Luna Element for over a year now. >_
  7. Edit: woot, the site's back up.
  8. I'm not sure what you mean by toast, the site works fine for me right now, so does the download.
  9. Along with the new version, Rainy brought out an entire new website for Rainlendar. Now, on to converting any of my old skins that are still worth it.
  10. You can right-click items in your Start Menu > All Programs. There's an option for keyboard shortcuts. Otherwise look for a nice hotkey program to your liking such as: Hoekey.
  11. It sounds like a nice idea. Too bad the Teknidermy ezine hasn't been updated in almost forever.
  12. - Tertris - Dr. Mario - Excite Bike - Double Dragons - Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 3: The Manhattan Project - Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Tournament Fighters - Megaman Series - Ducktales - Rescue Rangers - Ninja Gaiden series
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