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  1. I don't know about Orbit Dock, but this sure does remind me of the menu in the game Grand Ages:Rome. Looks like the kind of dock I was looking for after I tried playing that game.
  2. Wasn't there already a new release that works on Vista?
  3. Perhaps someone could make a program that will automatically minimize any window to the SysTray, with a feature that will allow custom menus in that window when you right click it(like a link to the options or something). After which someone can implement a feature (similar to RK, perhaps a docklet) that will show those SysTray icons.
  4. Will it be available by next year? I can't wait I've been waiting to use that line No insult intended, just in case
  5. The balance of "Please" and "Thank You" has been broken...
  6. Apple is keeping everything locked up because... ...M$ is showing up with a good marketing counter-offensive... ...Or they are trapping Windows into another trick of false safety(before a surprise attack, perhaps?)... ...Or they made a deal with each other to interchange and share the glory every season... ...Or nothing intricate has been made and they are just following Natural Selection... Who knows?
  7. Same here, but isn't it better to PM?
  8. That's fine, Bobah... Your last release was awesome
  9. Isn't Bobah's stack feature based from Matonga's docklet? Plus he's finally updated... Can't we just thank him for the next few posts before adding feature requests?
  10. Sweet... I can't wait until the website is up... Also, I wish I could help somehow... It stinks to not have a credit card
  11. Though I'm not at admin, I think that those threads were as active as this one(before); thus, putting in another thread might seem impractical because discussions will lessen once the dock nears completion or BOBAH has to finish it. It's a great idea(due to around two thread pages/day which means a long thread), but I wish reality isn't what we all know it is... Either way, categorizing the thread would be very helpful, and that would probably be the best method. Then again, there may also be other methods.
  12. But won't working for a company keep this app from being free? I'd rather not have this amazing program at a price.
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