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  1. thats because they are running your ones but the website opens it as default
  2. I find the OS to be alot better then xp i haved been using it since RC1 and i have not had to reinstall once while on xp i have reinstalled about 2 a week
  3. xp games will work fine on vista the only thing i read about problems was that sound didn't work and there are programs that will fix that
  4. you will have to get vista sometime because you won't be able to play any of the new games without directx10 i suggest that you get vista but install it on a external harddrive that way you can have more than one game
  5. what do you mean do you mean that you want a dashboard clone or the widgets that it uses
  6. if his computer skills are as bad as his grammer its most likely true
  7. well you must of done something wrong in when you installed it because it should be there
  8. flyakite is the best you can try winosx but it destroyed my one computer i had to reinstal everything just go with flyakite its the best
  9. you have realy bad grammer. Just go under the Flyakite osx under the start menu and there is an uninstaller
  10. try this its an easy way to keep track of your widgets www.osx-e.com under downloads go to dashboard.
  11. it will work fine with all of that just don't have alot of widgets going at the sametime as doing something else
  12. you need to install yahoo widget engines or avedesk then you can use it
  13. i found some here http://www.deviantart.com/deviation/35977492/
  14. what ver of itunes do you have because there is a bug in 7 that won't let you sync right so if it is 7 just uninstal and reinstal and it should work
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