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  1. After many people liked my first vector wallpaper, here's my second one: Click the image or here for fulsize/dowload at deviantART.com Cheers!
  2. Hey, thanks a lot for your comment, mate! I rearanged the wall just a little bit to be able to make a 1440x900. I also made 1280x1024 and 1024x768 releases. The package is updated now. Cheers!
  3. Here's a little something: Fullview/Download - deviantART.com (click the image or here). Thanks for visiting!
  4. Nothing special, just a new desk for Feb -> Details @ DA
  5. Click the image. View or/and download them @ deviantART.com
  6. You are very welcome! Do it, mate.
  7. New deskie: Maybe a little NSFW Info @ DA
  8. Thnks a lot! I'll be glad to get some critiques, 'cause I'm not very good @ graphics.
  9. Just a .psd I made a few days ago, thought someone may like it: Zebra snapshot by DJ Bora P Click the image or here.
  10. Here's a little set: Click the image Thanks for viewing!
  11. Thank you very much, JR007, I really appreaciate your comment
  12. Awesome desks, pals! Choco Dream Maybe NSFW Details @ DA
  13. New desk, chums! If you wanna C more, click the image for a visit to DA. Cheers!
  14. Thanks for the info, didn't know that.
  15. I'm not sure if that means DigitalJames or me, but if it's the second - no prob, mate.
  16. @MarineForce: Nice desks you show there. There's the new aqua Ubuntu: Maybe NSFW Details and fullview @ DA.
  17. Hi there! I saw a post about black screen when proceeding Scan-disk and my situation's similar. I ran Adobe Partition Magic to make a ext3 partition and a reboot was required. After loading the Windows bootscreen, I thought I'll see the blue screen, showing the progress of making the new partition, but... just a black screen appeared. Anyway, after one hour that I've spend watching the black screen, the system rebooted and after launching Partition Magic, I saw PM had done it's work. I'm almost sure the problem was caused by a bug in Flyakite, so please let me know if I'm right. Anyway, Flyak
  18. First 4 February, hope you like it. Click above to see more @ DA
  19. I have to warn you that a week ago I had a serious problem with Flyakite. The problem appeared sometimes (not always) - when I was trying to turn off the PC, I got a BSOD. After re-installing Windows, I installed Flyakite as well... and the same thing happened. So there's the solution that helped me: After installing Flyakite, it's a good idea to turn off the system files updater, then --> reinstall your VGA driver (JUST REINSTALL, DO NOT REMOVE IT FIRST, otherwise you may have serious problems). I hope this may help someone, who gets the same trouble as me, I don't pretend that this w
  20. New desk: Snapshot .psd - Zebra by me (first ever done). To see more details and fullsize - click the image for a visit to DA
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