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  1. It's been 2 months since my last SS, so...
  2. A new stuff: Details / Download - deviantART.
  3. A funky wall: Fullview / Download: deviantART.
  4. Some miscellaneous I made today for you... and me. Details / Download - deviantART.
  5. Thanks! (And sorry for posting a preview if it was NSFW) Delta, I'm not sure what you exactly mean, but DJ-ing's not my career too.
  6. Something sexy (in a vector way): NSFW Preview Fullview / Download - deviantART.
  7. Thanks! The mac symbols are with the OB font And the "iThink different" - Amerika sans.
  8. Yep... a new minimalistic wall. Fullview / Download @ deviantART.
  9. Thanks! Yep, I'm thinking of making some color varieties, but I'll make a better wall, cause that's my firs aqua-wall. If you insist, I can e-mail you with a graphite version as soon as possible.
  10. A quick work made for fun: Fullview / Download - deviantART.
  11. Some new stuff: Details / Download: deviantART.
  12. My new sci-fi thing: Details/Download - deviantART.
  13. Hi! Making remixes and music at all is a difficult beginning, so you need to give some time and patience (and emotions) to it. As far as I do remixes since two years now, I can recommend you Native Instrument's Traktor DJ Studio (get the v 3.0, in my opinion newest updates suck). And maybe Sony Sound Forge for some after effects (I prefer 8.0 although there's a newer version). Hope this helps. Greetings.
  14. I've connected my Hi-Fi to the PC... I enjoy perfect quality since 3 years . Aiwa JAX-N1
  15. Windows XP + SP2... ...emulating to Mac OSX ...emulating to Ubuntu I have some more things to learn.
  16. Having some rest from the Mac-style.
  17. Great... I've been looking for icons of this type since a lot of time. Thanks.
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