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  1. Hi fellows! I decided to try reinstalling the bugged-a-long-time-ago Miranda. Everithing's cool, but the status bar (showing you the status about every protocol) is not visible. Please have a look at the setting: click... Is there any other menu that I have to look at about showing the status nar? Thanks!
  2. Hi there, great topic! I think here's the right place to ask a question about Firefox->Safari emulation. I use Compact Menu and since I installed an update for it, I got this sh*t at the bottom of the browser. ( I also don't have acces to the "apple" button that contains in it the defailt Firefox menu. Any ideas how to solve this? Thanks in advance.
  3. Needs some postwork but it's cool.
  4. Some new work in my 'default' style. Download: deviantART.
  5. Here's a new set: Details / Download - deviantART.
  6. Hm, more than a year since the last post... lets give it a try. I produce trance tunes, as well as wallpapers. C-Metric Time - Mirage (Original Mix) [free download]
  7. It's been a lot since my last sci-fi project: Fullview / Download - deviantART.
  8. Thanks for the feedback, glad you guys like it.
  9. Trying a new style: Fulview/Download - deviantART.
  10. Looks great! Maybe some glow on the apple logo.
  11. Ooops... looks like i've forgot to promote my wall I made a few week ago. Inspired by and dedicated to the ATB's song. Fulview/Download - deviantART.
  12. October desk... very different style:
  13. Some new work: Details/Download - deviantART. --- Edit --- Made the mouse wireless like it should be.
  14. I made some edits to my most popular wallpaper War and Peace.
  15. My friend, as a wallmaker I can tell you that if you want people to like your pieces, they should see you've putted lots of efforts to make them.
  16. Thanks a lot, guys, I appreciate every feedback.
  17. Thanks, glad to hear that!
  18. Ok, here's something from today that took me more time to finish than expected: * Package edited. - Bora P
  19. Hi there, haven't posted new work soon, so let me correct that mistake: (I made this 2 weeks ago but I forgot to feature it here ) Some of you may like it. - Bora P
  20. Maybe Cerebro, Vitae, Qure, Eternal Aqua...
  21. Thansk a lot, mate, I made it in a few minutes.
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