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  1. Thank you! Well... how can I make 1600x1200 to 1680x1050 from a raster? Sorry. Part 5 added.
  2. Hey there, check out my new trance ambient track at http://atb-music.com/listen.php?y=1021
  3. Thanks for the feedback guys, Part 4 added to the series.
  4. The Feelings series Preview and download: deviantART.com
  5. Details/Download - deviantART
  6. The story continues... Details/Download - deviantART
  7. Old style, new wallpaper: Details/Download @ deviantART.com (Fullview is a must!)
  8. Thanks, I'm not planning actually, but I may do.
  9. Thanks to all of you!! The wallpaper is updated.
  10. Thanks a lot for the feedback, appreciate it a lot. Please notice that comment on dA by me: "Actually the dolphin's out of place because I'm planning to add some more objects in the water and in the landscape, but now it's the "other than woman object" that takes your attention away, I agree that must change." The wall is about to be editeds and any ideas are accepted, I'll also remove the dolpin if you don't like it, thank you!!
  11. Experimentall Wall: Details / Download - deviantART.com
  12. Old school: Details/Download - deviantART
  13. You're most welcome. (After all I don't make walls for myself that much, I consider users' requests ) Thanks guys for the feedback, it's always very important to me!
  14. Appreciate that! @Wolfarelli: Would you be satisfied with this?
  15. Thanks a lot for your comment! Err... how can I make 1600x1200 to 2560x1600? Either it would be of low quality, or there'll be too much negative space.
  16. It's cool but you can do a little postwork on colors, brightness, contrast and etc.
  17. I wanted to make something new in my old style. Download @ deviantART.com
  18. Some experimenting: Download @ deviantart.com.
  19. Thanks for replying. As far as I remember, I use the Comact Menu version from the Firefox official website. (One day I got an "Update Compact Menu" dialog and I made the mistake to update it). Firefox is v2.0.0.6. I don't think the problem is about the browser theme - I used a theme with an Apple button and after updating Compact Menu, it disappeared and that thing at the bottom appreared. --- Edit --- I managed to deal with the problem and I'm gonna share how, in case someone else has the same problem: From the start menu find the Mozilla Firefox folder and select Mozilla Firefox
  20. Sorry for double posting the same topic, please delete this one without warning.
  21. Hi fellows! I decided to try reinstalling the bugged-a-long-time-ago Miranda. Everithing's cool, but the status bar (showing you the status about every protocol) is not visible, I can only see its titlebar. Please have a look at the setting: click... (v0.4.0.3) Is there any other menu that I have to look at about showing the status bar? Thanks!
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