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  1. Ok, stupid question time... (and sorry if it's in the wrong thread but i didn't find an iphone thread) I've seen tons of guides on HOW to hack, jailbreak, pwn, etc. my iphone, but I haven't seen anything clearly stating the consequences of each. Basically... 1) which of these activities will potentially and irreversibilty damage my iphone? (to where i can't restore it with itunes) 2) what do i do to install themes? (jailbreak + cydia?)-- and i can always restore from itunes at any time along the way if something goes wrong? nice theme, btw, for the most part.
  2. I recorded some stuff with cakewalk and was wondering where would be a good place to host them (myspace?)... and if there are any issues regarding the fact that they are covers.... any thoughts?
  3. it's been 'generally stated' that the xbox brand is more for 'hardcore gamers' who therefore are 'more informed.' this might suggest that cooler chip (e.g. 65 nm technology) IS a major selling (or not selling) point for this unit. i thought i was the only one holding out for a non-ring of death unit, but it seems shady thinks the same way. i wonder how many people are waiting for more reliable boxes. which could be why they aren't selling more. the stupid public will buy it because it's black.
  4. let me be the odd one out and say 1) i love my visually appealing XP (thanks to RaduKing and StarDock and all the original artists&porters) 2) i see absolutely no point in pixelperfect emulation (unless i had OCD) 3) i have never owned a mac 4) from my brief experiences with actual macs (OSX), they just seem... slow... indeed, quite a drought of ports/activity-- everybody was run-off to the pimping place and after that blew up, there's nobody left and nowhere to go.... just ghosts... learking
  5. tried it out at comp usa-- seemed really slick. however, i'd probably still end up pimping it out to look like a mac, so why bother.
  6. if you want mac-like skins (ichat ish), you'll quickly notice that miranda is the way to go. most major skin packs in this community feature miranda skins. miranda has plugins for aim, icq, yahoo, msn, and others...
  7. was it a used system? i feel bad because i laughed a bit. imac obviously doesn't have the prQn handling capacity of a PC.
  8. yes, count me in for: Halo3 Crysis EDIT(I guess it's not till '08) ET: Quake Wars
  9. stupid question-- how's it supposed to work? just right click icon to check the current time in location from dropdown menu?
  10. musically (and to an extent lyrically), both of the fray's singles have been quite moving-- 'save a life and cable car (over my head) also, did you know that johnny cash's song 'hurt' is actually a NIN cover? (i did not know this)
  11. so for those of you with ps3's, do you miss the rumble?
  12. yes, we must know! closure! clues! something! 'freaks and geeks?'
  13. while we're guessing, i'd say one of the revenge of the nerds? (i'm fairly sure it's not office space. i have people skills. i talk to the customers.)
  14. Ok kids, time to see just how creative this board is... (for those who celebrate the Halloween ritual) What are some of the best costume's you have seen or have gone as?
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