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  1. Download: Link How to install: 1. Extract the skin to the KMPlayer skins folder. 2. Install Lucida Grande font (if you don't have it). Comments: Based on Movist BSP skin by ~dineinhell.
  2. The skin has been updated. Minor fix. Added the version with thicker font from Quicklook skin.
  3. cns0813h You did not exactly what I told you. 1. Right click on the black screen 2. Choose Skins -> Color Themes -> Do not use (instead of "Random Color Theme")
  4. cns0813h Colors problem That's because you have Random Color Theme option activated in KMPlayer. Here are the things that you should do: 1. Right click on screen 2. Choose Skins -> Color Themes -> Do not use (instead of "Random Color Theme") Numbers2.png problem Could you download and reinstall again and write me whether the problem is gone. Happy New Year to you too.
  5. Download: Link How to install: 1. Extract the skin to the KMPlayer skins folder. 2. Install Lucida Grande font (if you don't have it). Comments: Since KMPLayer can't support overlay controller yet I made it out of Quicktime 7 skin.
  6. What about Windows 7. It's exlorer is different from XP. Windowblinds are differnt for it. Which windowblinds skin will be better for it ? There are no Findexer for Windows Seven. All these things are different from XP. So is there a new How-to-tutorial for Windows seven in aqua-soft ?
  7. I guess there is no way to change iTunes 9 in windows in order to make it look like iTunes 8 ? Guys at macthemes managed to bring back iTunes 8 look but its for mac version only.
  8. Is there any post here that puts together all resources of iTunes 8 and now 9 ? I'm looking for default album art for albums, icons (I know that icons can be found separately but I want to have all resources in one place), etc. Would you help with this one ?
  9. I have 1 thing left with Stylish - look at the screens Could you send which code do you have in Stylish. Perhaps it was screwed on mine. Here is mine attached. safari.txt
  10. My problems: 1) force to open all things only in new tabs - doesn't work 100 % (for example try open link here http://www.aqua-soft.org/forum/index.php?act=home - the one to this thread) 2) Can't duplicate tabs 3) want to have blue address loadbar for Safari windows 4) want to have session to be saved
  11. I decided to test by myself what Windows 7 looks like and must say that I wasn't excited. I tried to be neutral but I can't get away from the feeling that all these flashes and lights are so aggressive and inappropriate. I know that it can be the war of tastes however I won't state that win 7 is smth extraordinary and innovative. Funny thing but windows 7 makes me like Leopard even more and use XP as an alternative OS. Now I have stronger feeling why people tend to stay at XP - xp did its job.
  12. Seriously, what is so special and good about Windows 7 that some want us to think so. I really want to know what are the "outstanding" features that are inside of it ? dock ? split screen ? are these the things that make you wow ? Top post need to be more informative. As by now from what I've seen on lots of demos I couldn't find these "wows"
  13. +1000 Absolutely agree. What is wrong with Safari 4 tabs is the absense of taste. I do want to believe that apple still believes in choice.
  14. Thanks. It would be even better if it supported iTunes.
  15. Need to print business card from a print-ready file. Any lab in Paris that can print in 2-3 hours ? Try Google or yellow pages - mps69.
  16. Does anyone know the procedure how to make Fring app work with VoIPover3G on iPhone. Why: Cydia VoIPover3G lets you use iPhone's skype in Fringe and talk over 3G. There are posts in the net explaining how to do that but I failed to get exact procedure. Will anyone help me on this one ?
  17. I have come across this thing today. Source: http://www.dni.ru/polit/2008/11/3/152508.html Medvedev, the President of Russia, is preparing his speech to the Federal Assembly of Russia on MacBook Pro 17'. Isn't it another good ad which is in someway even better than Mac - PC ad ? By the way, are there any evidents of US or presidents of other countries use of Macs for such crucial meetings or whatever?
  18. Well what are these - the thing is to share your experience.
  19. Would you please share how you organized your favorites bar and what are the favs groups in your favorites sidebar in FireFox.
  20. tigbus no there are no FireWire or Express Card.
  21. Well. as far as MacBooks - this is a step back in design. Black or white MacBook is what makes Apple unique and classy. This new MacBook looks like a generic Toshiba, Fujitsu and others. I would say that new MacBook has a lack of design ever. The iPhone has really screwed Mac's design. That's very sad. As far as LED display. What do you think will Apple put it in soon, say this winter ? And one more thing. Prices! Gosh there is a world crisis. Drops in salaries... Where is logic ?
  22. Well. I don't know whether they hae an agreement with apple. but it is ridiculous to use ACDsee in Vista on Mac when there are iPhoto and Aperture in Mac.
  23. Damn! will have to wait another 3-4 month. Is that LED display a change for LCD technology - IPS will be the same ? So I guess those LED displays will appear in January.
  24. I have come this on ACDsee official website ? What is it ? A desire to get public by getting closer to Mac style, violation, a wish a to make its product to look like Aperture or iPhoto or what ? Don't you see a MacBook pro ?
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