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  1. Aha, I saw this offer to and thought hmmm I wonder if they are just getting rid of old Nanos... apparently not. A bit sneaky this deal.. Phrased quite badly. You need to buy and Apple (listed in the deal) AND BUY and Nano, then there is a £85 Rebate which you Mail away for...
  2. To Access your Netgear I believe you need to log into the router and the menus are really quite self explanatory from there. Go to your Internet Browser: you need the routers IP just type in the address bar It should then ask you for A user ID and Password If its still stock factory settings this is usually ADMIN Password
  3. Good Advice... Wait for Leopard... the only real decent VM product is Parallels and daaaamn thats hardware hungry for some tasks if your buying a lower spec machine..
  4. What a load of bollocks, it has degraded once again to a Mac Vs. PC. That whole arguement is redundant now as Spec. is comparable as architectures merge. I was under the impression that Apple was generally more expensive because they were 1 company (Small in the scheme of things) making their own software and designing their own style of machine. Hence the cost was mainly Reasearch and Development. End of... Having used Apples and PCs for Yeaaaaaaaaaars now since Apple Started and PCs were known commercially as IBMs the price has never been more competative in the Apple Field (Lapt
  5. Phantom.. MM3 whatever hes calling himself these days is assuming your getting a Later Blue and White G3... If you really want to know what types of G3 'Power Mac' you may be getting and the upgrade possibilities I would strongly suggest this: MacTracker Available for Windows and OSX I could sit here and type the information or copy and paste a load like below.. but its always worth doing a bit of work yourself Also I wouldn't throw a lot of money at it as its an old machine so I wouldn't bother going to 'Crucial' chances are if you have any old PC133/100 (Providing it is the
  6. This conversation is getting stranger and stranger.... You haven't answered a strange e-mail from an African nation have you?
  7. Thats the most sensible comment yet, thank god someone is still talking sense
  8. I wouldn't classify myself as a 'fanboy' infact I can't be I built my new PC last week and that would be the greatest sin surely....... I just don't like anything being knocked with out appropriate reason or point. Especially from someone who has limited knowledge to put together a reasonable arguement.
  9. Well i tested it to destruction last night and only crashed it once... I wouldn't get too excited over skinning it yet, there are gonna be a few updates by the time OCT comes round, and of course it looks a little rough around the edges some of you keep forgetting its only a BETA. What i found interesting was a few friends were also testing it last night and had terrible trouble installing and running. Where as mine went without a glitch, my PC is mainly run as a Gaming Rig so has very little on there, Runs XP Pro, FireFox and Skype, and not a trace of IE in sight
  10. I saw no comparison to Vistas 'Aero/Glass' Effect. I saw better graphics due to the coreimage ability but that was about it. Maybe YOU don't really need to have so many options to live-preview. Oh dear Its gonna take you time to get used to a new OS? Shock horror you must have been stuffed going from OS9 to OSX or Win98 to XP. Stick with Tiger then.... I think you are being negative.. you focused on all the points that YOU personally don't like from seeing a few demos at a Keynote, you mention nothing of the positive such as Safari on windows, Games from EA and id coming back
  11. Apple store is down... being updated... here come the Macbook Pro updates Previous iBooks had self contained graphics chips that didn't suck the life from the rest of the system memory... admittedly they were nothing blazing but the current chips are a bit lame. As for forking out 'extra cash' its not just a little extra cash its at least a 3rd more of the price. I appreciate what your saying about cost and need but surely theres a better balance.
  12. I don't dis-like the Mini I just think we will see the end of it, not to the extent of there being no Sub $500 Mac. But a new Sub $500 Mac... I think you may be right about iLife '08 would make sense as well, keeping the annual release tied to WWDC. Still convinced we will see a Macbook Graphics Tweak, its the weakest link at the moment surely.
  13. I would love one, but knowing apple I think the ones who jump first better have very deep pockets. Basically meaning there are gonna be inevitable upgrades and changes to the unit within 12 months of being launched.. I'm not gonna sign up for a 18mth 2yr Contract on a first Gen... What will be interesting is to see what contracts they appear on in the UK. And who and how they will be distributed. We have quite a few carriers here so the competition is a little more fierce and price generally a lot more competitive. We have: Orange Virgin T-Mobile Vodaphone O2 3 (three) Dont think I mi
  14. I was that engrossed about the interface and the usage of the phone I didn't even hear the Voiceover. Anyway predictions: I will be surprised if theres anything about the iPhone in the keynote.. that will have its own Launch seperately. Mac mini will be gone. iMac update across range Macbook Pro updates new graphics chips in existing line of Macbooks. iPods.... maybe.... iPhonesque full screen ipods its coming but might be another one off event before the winter holidays. ilife & iWork 07, has to be launched otherwise might aswell skip it and go on to '08 Should be a good one, al
  15. Excellent point from Gnomexp... you do pay a premium for Apple memory. I may be wrong but if you order the mini with the base 512MB of memory it comes in 2x256mb so when you upgrade you would need to buy a 1GB stick but it means you would have a spare 256mb as you only have 2 slots. Would give you 1.25GB of Ram though. Put the other on ebay for a few pennies, better than a slap in the face I suppose.
  16. The Mini is a nice little machine for a budget Mac, however there are a few niggles. Personally I don't believe the Core Duo processor to be anything 'special' The HD does throttle some of the speed like any machine running a 5200rpm HDD as appose to a 7200rpm. Also 512mb of ram is the minimum I would be running Tiger on, Its the same with any machine throw as much RAM as you can afford at it, especially if your gonna be running PS which can be quite demanding on your systems resources. Another point to raise is that the word on the grapevine is that the Mini is about to be dropped!? Now
  17. I still think its a moot point, its an upgrade, anybody who really cares about the upgrades and what you are talking about wouldn't have purchased one yet and will hold out for the possible LED and Santa Rosa platform changes. Although I see these being upgraded in MBP first not the MB.
  18. Makes me laugh all this moaning about the MB update. Your getting more for your money and thats a bad thing??? Faster Processor... Double the RAM Bigger HD And the base model is cheaper than last one here in the UK.... The Wi-Fi isn't an update that was available in previous versions as far as I was aware. Do you honestly think we are gonna see any major updates before June?? Its a bit like the MacPro 8-Core Update although more useful.... its an inbetweener. Sure the on board graphics chip isn't anything special but the Macbook has never been a gaming rig or high end Pro A
  19. Use Carbon Copy Cloner, do a full clone of your old HD and then using the same App copy it back to the new HDD.
  20. Is this an option for you CLICK HERE Not pretty but if you scout about you may find some boot disks. Failing that take the HD out of the laptop without CD rom and Put it in laptop with CD rom. Or..... Buy yourself a 2.5" to 3.5" converter for a couple of $ and put the HD in a freinds Desktop machine and install windows on it. (did it the other week with a HP laptop that had no CD Drive and the User had destroyed the original boot files and partitions)
  21. I also use iPod RIP its certainly the easiest and most effective way to backup your iPod. Saved my life one day, I was desperately running out of space on my HD and through beer soaked eyes managed to delete and empty the trash on my entire music folder. One of those moments when you could just cry. iPod RIP helped me by extrapolating all my music from my 2 iPods without any drama. Has a great interface as well.
  22. There is nothing official about Boot Camp yet.. Its still BETA. (supports 32-Bit Vista) I didn't say that VISTA wasn't supported I just said its somewhat Problematic, hell its problematic on some PCs. I was simply making the point I wouldn't recommend spending $8000 on a computer to rely on doing something with a particular piece of software that is still in BETA form and to have known issues.
  23. It all really depends on your application, and how desperately you need or want to upgrade. They are both beasts. The thing you need to consider about the mac is, if you have never aquainted yourself with Mac OS before... its a hell of a lot of money to buy something you may not like. Having said that When Leopard 10.5 is released Boot Camp should be able to handle Vista nicely allowing you the best of both worlds enabling you to boot in either system. I do know for a Fact that Windows flys on the Mac Pros however Vista and Boot Camp are a problematic marriage at the moment one of the
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