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  1. hi, when i add those icons to my dock, i get these strange errors, and it wont allow mne to open itunes or msn live on the rklauncher. I have to manually find the files in their folders from Start menu or My Computer.. i can provide the error... Itunes - "C:WINDOWSInstaller(446DBFFA-4088-48E3-8932-74316BA5CAE4)ITunesico.exe is not a valid Win32 Application" MSN LIVE - A DOS window pops up, with all these chibberish number crap i dont understand... and i have two options (Close/Ignore) thanks
  2. For Mozilla, and other random icons i use, how come they arnt crisp on the rk launcher? Some are, but most of them arnt.. anyone know
  3. umm buddy, i know that obviously, i did paste in paint, it didnt even show.
  4. When i Print Screen, it doesnt appear... Its like a toolbar, but its just painted in grey... its less than an inch, i dont knwo waht it is..
  5. Hi, i just installed Flyakite, its great, but the RKLauncher doesnt work anymore, it says its loaded but it doesnt show up, anyways, thats not the main issue, i use the objectdock, same thing.. .BUT! Theres this annoying line at the bottom of my desktop that came with this package, i dont know how to remove it, its not part of the dock, its just this thick grey line, i think its really annoying to look at , it layers over the wall paper too.. so im not sure what it is, if anyone knows how to get rid of it, your help would be nice.
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