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  1. thanks for the rply~! can't match the same font though!
  2. can anybody tell what font is used in this pic: http://img116.imageshack.us/img116/4589/untitled4bl.png thanks!
  3. plz make one for W810i thnx in advance
  4. Is there any Tiger skin for Real Player 10.5. Plz let me know... thnx!
  5. "do not cache thumbnails" will work for me bcoz it makes all my folders turn blue thnx everybody thank u v much
  6. thnx! but i want thumbnails view
  7. i don't know how to let the folders (in the thumbnails view) so that it should not show the image files inside it. As it is showing it in the pic below. please help me?
  8. hi im looking 4 Panther Perfect by ~view link iz broken on deviantart so plz any1 of u hv it thnx in advance
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