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  1. click image for download or go here http://willbook.deviantart.com/art/imagebl...lume-1-71162077 It took me a while but I'm fairly happy with most of the icons in this set. Critique is always encouraged though As ALWAYS please give credit if you want to release any mods. This goes for the PSDs as well. You don't have to ask me before you release but I'd love to see what other people do with my work.
  2. Just a really quick scale down and comparison of 48px. I plan to refine and redraw the smaller sizes.
  3. Loads just fine on my end. Is anybody else having trouble viewing?
  4. This set is meant to complement the new Leopard UI while remaining simple and clean. It will include three colour variants in both windows and mac formats. I'm open to any suggestions on what icons you would like to see in it. Advanced critique is encouraged. Especially with regards to the trash (It's the first one I've ever made and I can't seem to get it right.) and the drives click image to enlarge (Edit) changed the desktop a little. click image to enlarge I'm still not quite happy with the drives. Any ideas?
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