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  1. I've moved to a mac recently ..so I have a question as I am new to Mac OS X What's is Automator ? an What does it do ?
  2. how can i apply the itunes skin ?
  3. Finally i restored it .... i must plug it to the usb port ... THEN install the software..not the contrary -as said on the user manual...after that i have put the photos , pdcasts , music and every thing But i have a small notice : after i have restored my iPod , the setting "Volume Level" disappeared and can't find it and i bought my nano from the official apple store in Cairo,Egypt
  4. plz i need ur help Is the 1 Gb iPod nano don't support syncing Photos ? cuz i can't download any photos on my ipod nano thought i have the latest ipod update software and the latest iTunes 7
  5. Thnx Celticsun for reply , but i already have the latest software iPod update installed on my iPod nano (version 1.3) but i can sync music only , can't sync photos or podcasts or audiobooks I also tried Hard Reset but in vain . THe Huge problem is that my nano can't make even restore and i tried it many times. by the way how much time does it take to restore it when i fully used all the capacity ?? and a weird message is saying ..>>> " This iPod cannot be updated .unknown error (-50) had occuared . the disk cannot be written from or to it I Don't know what to do. plz tell me
  6. may be a problem with the USB port you are using.Try connecting to a USB 2.0 hi-speed port the same thing happens with me (i have 1Gb iPod nano) and the iTunes don`t respond sometimes so i tried to close it and unplug the iPod manually and plugging again , iTunes opens automatically and adding the latest added songs but i can't update the software plz help I forgot , I'm using PC not Mac.
  7. Nothing more cool than the click wheel. I think iPod as it now is much better Don't ya agree wid me ?
  8. I had purchased my iPod Nano (1Gb)-ofcourse-White.Small in size and capacity.... BUT very big altitude !!
  9. Thanks Localhost , It worked very fine.Now I have iTunes 7 with Aqua skin
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