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  1. did you have Uno installed? If so, run the uninstaller or use the merged version of this mod.
  2. for those who are looking for a port to windows, it has been released here. I'll be updating the icon download to include ICNS and PNG formats, even though you seem to have fixed the immediate problem.
  3. A port is already in the works and should be released soon. No worries there
  4. Full Preview Download Vitae Blue guiKit | Download Vitae Graphite guiKit Download Vitae Icons | Download Vitae iContainer Download Vitae Walls I've been working on this for about 5 months. I hope you enjoy using it. Installers will come soon. Dan
  5. if it's css, this would be the code: text-shadow: #fff 0 1px 0; hope that helps, Dan
  6. Thanks, I really liked this in your SS, thanks for sharing.
  7. Sorry to be slightly offtopic, but mrbub, i gotta say you took that extremely well. Good luck finding what you're looking for.
  8. Not really a mod, per se, more like updates. It's been updated to work with Unified toolbars and iTunes 7. Thanks to Susumu for letting me release this to the general public. P.S. for those of you who have Uno or something similar installed, used this "DragonFly (Merged)" version.
  9. I think if you moved the top right corner of the screen down 1 pixel you'd have it right. It looks like an interesting set, I'd like to see more. Dan
  10. Update: Tan, Silver, Amora Red and Black added, as well as Black Silver variation. Download
  11. Just a simple wall I made this afternoon that reminds me of a tie I have. If there are any color combinations you'd like, or other colors, just request 'em. Dan Update: Tan, Silver, Amora Red and Black added, as well as Black Silver variation.
  12. I have a question, sorry if its been asled before. I found an unathorized mod/port of my work, reported it to dA, once thru email, once thru their website, and i've had nothing come of it. Has anyone had success with reporting rips to dA? Dan
  13. They're made by VitorAngelo. MTF Preview thread
  14. Clean | Dirty Theme: Cold, Glossy version (something i'm toying with) Icons: Ave, Jonas, etc. Desktop: Melon Mountain by headvoid (great artist) Dan
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