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  1. I reformatted my extra hard drives but I import all my music from there onto my iTunes. I added the songs back to my library but my playlist is all gone... Besides manually looking for the songs and stuff again, can I some how plug in my iPod and that music will go back and make my playlist again? Thanks for any help, -Matt.
  2. I installed XP with Vista as a dual boot. And I have no use for Vista at all, ever. I haven't booted into it for the past 2 months or so. I want to get rid of Vista's partition and get rid of the boot screen it gives me when I turn my computer on. I read some tutorial on how to do this, but when I did it, it asks for my administrator password, and I don't know what it is. How can I find out my admin password? Thanks for any help, -Matt.
  3. Finally a new one, I know you won't like the tile.
  4. The design is cool, but if you have to touch the screen every time and reach out, that's dumb.
  5. I hate brakes. I'm thinking of getting them but it's leaning towards a no. Thanks though
  6. Just got my back wheel built from the local bike shop. Can't be any happier with everything on my bike. Here's the specs: Frame - Sunday Wave 21" Forks - Odyssey Race Fork Classic Stem - Animal Jump-off Bars - Kink Badger (Metallic Purple All Day!!) Grips - Fly Ruben Cranks - Profile 175mm Sprocket - Proper 28t Pedals - Twisted PC Chain - Shadow (Silver) Getting black soon. Seat - Primo Seat Post - Kink Seat Clamp - Kink Headset - Kink Integrated Pegs - DK Bundy (Oldddddddddddd pegs) Front Wheel - Odyssey Vandero2 Tire - Odyssey P-Lite Rear Wheel: Hub - Odyssey Hazar
  7. ^^ You really have to make your image smaller or hotlink to something else.
  8. No preview :/ http://plmatt91.deviantart.com/art/Decembe...esktop-72887559 Thefox, how'd you get your taskbar like that??
  9. Alright smart ass, read what's under General Discussion. Oh, if you didn't notice, look here: Discuss anything that is not related to any of the other forums.
  10. I have about 5 pairs of jeans I bought about a month ago and they were nice and fitted, a little tight around the waist but they were perfect. Now the pant legs are super loose and very baggy. Does any one know how to shrink jeans? I read up on that you turn them inside out, wash on hot and dry them on hot. But some people also said there will some difference, but almost none. Pleaseeeeee help me out, I feel ghetto with these jeans. Thanks, -Matt.
  11. Ha? My buddy got a fisheye recently and his camera just came in today, here's the pics from tonights 45 min session I was doing a 180 manual and my fingers got slammed when i fell.. Nose manual on a concrete curb thing The aftermath of a tabletop hop barspinnn <3
  12. Thanks guys. Phantom - I really am just looking forward into getting some sponsorship some how. Any small bike company would be good for now. I just wanna keep getting better and better and keep the heart towards this.
  13. Over the last 4 weeks of riding, here's what me and my friends came up with. They're all video stills from my buddies video camera, but it kind of gets the point across Feeble Feeble on a square rail Hop barspin Another hop barspin My first practice on any round rail Same rail, diff angle Wallride Tabletop A decent bank to a hop over the guard rail Same thing, diff angle And finally, MY FIRST RAIL!!
  14. The VS I was using was SlanXP3 and the wallpaper is from IFL : http://interfacelift.com/wallpaper/details.php?id=1441
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