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  1. By the way, Levi, I think that Artfiles is definately the way to go - vector UI and disablind Core UI aren't as hot I don't think.
  2. Yeah. I wish people would release their artfiles - don't have the time to port things. Levi - you should port Loco. I'd love to have it on Leopard!
  3. A lot of people do the itunes thing on the HUD theme on leopard. IIs it possible to edit many of the applicatiosn to use just the widgets but NOT the window style so that you get the white scroll bar and everything? How is it done?
  4. I wish I could - I really miss shapeshifter right now!
  5. I bought leopard, wiped my mac and started over. No iLife. Why???
  6. Yeah, shapeshifter isn't ready, bh2.
  7. I think the issues will be overcome - they always have in the past!
  8. I think it's themable, there are dock skins for leopard on dA (yeah, I'm serious!). I hope it's just a matter of time, as I'm already running leopard, and quite frankly, don't want to but stuc with the UI forever.
  9. Will I need to uninstall? Ok guys. Point a. It's not showing up in applications...point b....where can I find my registration code?
  10. How long, approiximately, will it take for Shapeshifter to be leopard- compatible. I'm getting Leopard tonight, but I don't want to install till I know it and shapeshifter are on good terms.
  11. I remember that at somepoint, some people here had ported Area o4 for mac. Who where they and might they be willing to share their work with me ?
  12. the best you're going to do is a paintbrush/tube. i've never seen a decent looking gimp fox or x11 icon...sorry!
  13. You want compiz fusion and the pixmap gtk engine, then worry bout all the rest!
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