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  1. theme was never officially released. was just in beta stages. unless you make a personal one, get permission, or get it ripped from someone
  2. [dA]/[dznr] Leopard Conquer Xserver by pridef Zvend by henri liriani
  3. Zoom Babeh! Aqua Inspirat Pridefined Aqua x Elo x Sheep Zvend probably last shot until Leopard
  4. Well ive been looking for this VS for a while with no luck. it seems like he has removed it and was wondering if anyone could help me out with this. thanks
  5. Guikit: Cube by Hirogen Wall: Getty Museum Pack - Vol. 2
  6. im good at it. 90-100% on all songspretty much on easy-hard. now expert is where im having a challenge.
  7. there is no online co-op for now. supposedly it might be available in the future but the thing is, is that GH3 is coming to fall in al the platforms with that feature ro so they say
  8. cant believe i know this but i have this artist on my devwatch so its familiar. not a wallpaper but a piece of art - http://www.deviantart.com/deviation/16128301/
  9. lol, nm. didnt read the small caption
  10. sure is aashish13. been ported a lot in many app's
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