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  1. ... ... I don't think that is a bug,. I wanna port a Mac OS X Dock skin for this dock just like the RK Launcher style that I showed, but the seperator of the 2D skin is always short, I've tried my best to make the break.png file. So I wonder if you could do something to make it OK! I want a perfect imatation of the Original Mac OS X Dock, so please help me to make it come true!
  2. @BOBAH13, There is problem with the 2D Skin of this Dock, wish you fix it! I think the pic I just uploaded shows everything...
  3. BOBAH13, I wanna change the font of the tips show on the dock, such as font-family, font-size and so on. Can you make it happen? THX!!! GOOD LUCK!!!
  4. How to play a video on this dock?
  5. The dock is more perfect and I love it much more now! BOBAH13 made many of our suggestions come true! That's an excellent job, thank you very much! But... one more suggestion: when mouse is over the dock, it shows automaticly now; but I think the dock is a little too sensitive, so I wonder if there could be an set-time option for this. That's will make the dock work better!
  6. yeah, I did that too and it works now~~ Many thanks to BOBAH13 and your hard working !!!
  7. I've got some problems... the 4.5 version works well, but 4.8 sucked!
  8. when will the next version be released? eager to try it !!!
  9. you're awesome man!!! perfect skins~~~ thx!
  10. If you have seen the Dock in real Leopard, you will see the same shadow of icons too! I love this kind of shadow very much, because it makes the dock in Windows be more like the dock in Mac OSX, but the shadow seems to be a little thick... That is not your dock's problem!!! See my Screen Shot, I have the same shadow too, but I love it !!!
  11. The shadow of the icons on the panel is a bit too thick and I want this dock can be autoactive when it is not on the top of all windows because when it was covered by other windows or applications I couldn't click on it! Can you make this happen in your next version: When the cursor stay at the bottom of my screen, the Dock will be actived and be on the top of others, just like ObjectDock or RocketDock. my two little suggestions! Thanks very much for your hard working, BOBAH13! -------------------------- By the way, what's the meaning of "<3"? I'm a Chinese and I don't know what this s
  12. If you add the Stack from Explorer, you cannot change the icons of the Apps in the stack folder; and If I just add a normal stack, I don't have that "Open" option both in fan view or in grid view mod, though I can change my Apps' icons easily. So, I wonder if BOBAH13 make it more perfect...
  13. After I updated to Version 4.5, I found that the "Open" option disappeared from Stack... Why? How can I get it back? I want the "Open" option and changing the icons of my shortcuts both!
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