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  1. Hello, I was wondering if someone could translate a text message I got. I believe its in chinese (not sure if its traditional or simplified). So if you could read trad/simp. chinese, could you please PM me or reply here and i'll send you a PM Thank you.
  2. Alrite, so whenever my iTunes changes to the next song after the song is done, my entire computer freezes for about 5 seconds; and all I can do is move my mouse. This is really annoying.. is there anyone to fix it?
  3. Is there anyway to get a minimize effect like a mac with one of the dock programs. I'm using RK Launcher now. So is there another dock that has to effect or is it possible..? Thread moved to proper forum, you know better. -SS
  4. WOW! how did they even notice that?!! Wow.. And.. what an incredible zoom!
  5. yeah Paypal is fine. I never lost any money at all. I keep around $20.00 in there, because I like to shop in eBay. And since when you do become an 'adult' if you used Paypal XD
  6. Rure

    Few Questions.

    I wanted to make my avedesk icons larger than the standard ones. how do you do that? and i also wanted to show under my computer (sublabel) like how many gigs, free, how many used up. Thanks!
  7. ok, so i've been using object bar for the menu bar (Tiger Theme from here : http://www.osx-e.com/articles/emulation_manuals2.html ) apparently the most 'accurate'. Ok, so i've used it, and it looks nothing like it is suppose to. Heres Mine: And heres hows it suppose to look like: Yeah, so mine doesn't show like the File, Edit, Clock, etc... but the apple button works. lol Any idea how to fix this?
  8. @drudragon wow!, nice custom built pc! Love the casing on it!
  9. looks so expensive! maybe when the price drops a little. But still it is a great phone!
  10. Does anyone have the full version of objectbar? Cause i'm trying to get a mac task bar for my cutomization, but so far, the only one i can find is the objectbar skins. And If anyone has any other suggestions it would be appreciated. So if you could please send it or upload it, it would be great! Thanks!
  11. how do u make it so that: mine: http://i92.photobucket.com/albums/l33/oriental_drift/bar.jpg can be like this: http://i92.photobucket.com/albums/l33/orie..._drift/bar2.jpg so that like the icons never show, only the clock and the + sign to show them
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