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  1. Kongregate might have a slight head start on you here... but good luck nevertheless.
  2. The Fx.Slide is everything you need for that effect. Download that demo if you're stuck... if you don't understand how to use it, might want to try the mootools irc channel.
  3. i have all my email go through gmail just for their spam blocker which is pretty much flawless (hardly surprising considering google's background), combined with their pop/imap and i can't see how anything else could be easier/better
  4. It's always feasible, if it's london area you're interested in drop me a message i might be able to help you out.
  5. Good luck indeed. I'm going to have to hurt someone if i have to look at another financial report.:mad::confused::mad:
  6. 'Ello 'ello... Long time since i last made anything, but here's a few icons i thought i'd share! More info in the dA comment. Click here to go to dA... Thanks for checking them out
  7. The whole point of the wiki is that anyone can change it. Same, i'm so out of touch... and don't come here all that frequently now. When you first made it i put a fair bit of time into sorting and filling it but really we need others to contribute! I haven't used a non-default theme in literally years now
  8. BBC wins! iPlayer or Youtube if you're not in the UK. They had Attenborough talking it through on the news this morning, i couldn't believe it but they had me till the end (though they didn't show the rainforest bits) P.S. There's also a 'making of' video (UK only).
  9. Surely Microsoft aren't going to be adding many new features to this SP, otherwise it'll provide the more reluctant of us who are happy with XP even less reason to upgrade to Vista.
  10. Sorry to bring this up again, but do you think we could maybe get two themes, one with the old style of time display and one with this new one (which i really don't like) so we can choose? Cheers
  11. @davidsword There's something wrong about 'click for sexy' linking to a site full of baby pictures.
  12. I've been using the Touch for a while now and have grown to like it a lot. While it could certainly do with more ram/processing power, it's sufficient for the most part, and the Touch interface that it pastes over Windows Mobile is worth the speed sacrifice (and is great) as far as i'm concerned. However if you've got fat fingers i wouldn't recommend it. Also i like the availability of software on the Touch (Windows Mobile), and the overall shape of the handset is much more pleasant than the iPhone (in my opinion). Having a call/hang up and directional buttons is also a nice convenience the
  13. The Samsung ones are much sexier than the LGs
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