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  1. Getting better and better What about displaying the existing desktop image on the background when winexpose-ing?
  2. Aha... just wanted to give you as much details as I could, just in case it made some sense to you thanks for the app.
  3. I did right click on an item... and selected Resize All. It gave me a message box "Resized" and doing an alt tab didn't display anything then. I checked windows task manager and was taking 9 to 13% cpu usage. I killed and restarted the application and it's back fine. Interesting though, it's still eating up CPU cycles. When i press ALT-tab and keep it pressed the CPU usage goes down to zero. When i do an alt-tab it peaks to 30% for a second and then back to zero. (During that second, the icon on which it will go next, will be cleared and redrawn. The redraw time of a second is quite slow
  4. I have tried this application and it looks better than winplosion2. However, after some time it started taking 100% cpu usage and got really slow. I figured that ObjectDock was getting in the way. If i close ObjectDock, it behaves well again. I tried excluding ObjectDock.exe but that didn't work. Any ideas?
  5. The application is always taking around 15% cpu usage. What would be nice is making the icons hoverable and clickable (like in Mac OS X). Also it takes about 2 seconds to the display the icons But still very good work so far.
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