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  1. i'm blind one of the best icons set i have ever seen thank you for sharing
  2. what should i say ¿ they are just beautifull
  3. you'r right ok i have made some pics i have avedesk in my autostart folder so when i restart / start my pc avetunes doesn't show anything as you can see it here when i then close avedesk and start it. it works fine i hope you understand my probleme
  4. hello my iTunes desklet for avedesk 1.1 doesn't work proper ;( when i restart my pc it doesn't refresh the dates of the momentan played track how can i fix it??
  5. looks good:) but i would prefer if the taskbar is black and the apple logo white thus you change the colours p.s. pls excuse my english
  6. nice das gefällt mir please release it
  7. one question how can i remove the label text whiche avedesk 1.1 creates???
  8. nice wall one question could u make a version without the skeletons??? thank you
  9. wounderfull desk:) where can i find the icons whiche u us with avedesk?
  10. nice :rock: will there be a joint version???
  11. [ger] :rock: zeig deinen po :moon: [/ger] ---- nothing importent
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