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  1. Nineteen hours of battery life is incredible. And magnesium alloy construction as opposed to either polycarbonate or aluminum is a plus, as well.
  2. I assume you're talking about the Mac mini, too, as you're ranting about the mini PC in general, correct? Because I do agree. I wish that both this and the Mac mini had a nice graphics card. Anyway, they certainly do look very nice, and you get good hardware for the price, as well. I did a custom build that came out around $1,600 and it included a 24'' flat panel. Not too bad.
  3. Yup, that did the trick. Thanks for your help. However, I haven't changed the CSS at all since downloading your skin, so it might be that by default, that part of the CSS is missing?
  4. Here is a thread. Note that while I've changed the font from Verdana to Calibri, it still appears small on Verdana font.
  5. It seems that the user name text on showthread.php pages (in the postbit) are very small. I like them larger, like they appear on the stock vBulletin skin. I tried adding some , tags, which worked to an extent, but then it makes huge gaps between the user name and the user title.
  6. I use the horizontal postbit on my board, but it seems that by default, specified Avatars won't show on the postbit. How do I add this element back in?
  7. Wow, the new skin is great! I think I'm going to add it to my board after all.
  8. Maybe so, but it would seem to work just fine on the original iPhone.
  9. I think the iPod nano needs higher capacities, such as 16 or 32 GB.
  10. I see no difference between .3 and .4. My iMac is performing (well) all the same. Even the .Mac in System Preferences is still there.
  11. I doubt either. The iPod touch is very popular, and is especially appealing to those who want the iPhone without the phone. I doubt there will be a price cut anytime soon, although I do think a future revision will cut off the 8 GB model and also introduce a 64 GB model. Personally, I'd like to see the base $299 price get you 16 GB, $399 gets you 32 GB and a new $599 gets you 64 GB. (I doubt 64 GB could be had for $499.)
  12. Been using Firefox 3 since the early alpha builds. Never had an issue with it.
  13. Safari 3 does seem a little faster (compared to Firefox 3), but only because it's using a newer WebKit build and the latest version of Saft.
  14. There won't be a SP4. SP3 is just a collection of various fixes released between SP2 and now. All of Microsoft's real efforts are going into Vista, Server 2008 and the upcoming Windows 7.
  15. The Office 2008 icons do come in 512×512 sizes...
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